Mercedes-Benz Unveils eVito Electric Van With Over 200 Miles of Range

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【Summary】While we know Mercedes’ van as the Metris, it’s called the Vito in Europe and the automaker just unveiled an all-new variant with a new electric version called the eVito.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Apr 19, 2020 11:00 AM PT
Mercedes-Benz Unveils eVito Electric Van With Over 200 Miles of Range

Electric cans are beginning to trickle onto the market in the U.S., but they've been available for some time in Europe. Mainly, Mercedes has had an electric version of its Sprinter van called the eSprinter. Predominantly made with professionals in mind that are driving around in urban locations, the eSprinter only had a range of 93 miles. But that wasn't an issue for owners that were driving around European cities and were mainly focused on avoiding pricey emissions fees. While the eSprinter was an excellent first effort from Mercedes, it was time for an upgrade. That's exactly what the eVito is.

Double The Range

Mercedes-Benz just introduced the eVito electric commercial passenger van for the European market. Big news, is that it has more than double the amount of range that the old eSprinter did. Owners are now looking at 262 miles on a full charge. Even with Mercedes using the New European Driving Cycle standard, that's an impressive jump in range.

The massive gain comes from a new battery pack. The one in the eVito measures in at 90 kWh, while the old battery pack in the eSprinter was a 41-kWh pack. Charging also improves with the new eVito. As standard, the van comes equipped with 50-kW charging capability and buyers can add 110-kW fast-charging capability as an option. With the fast charger, the van will be able to go from 10 percent to 80 percent charge in less than 45 minutes. As with other electric cars, the eVito van will allow drivers to recuperate some electricity when driving via paddles behind the steering wheel. Drivers can choose between different drive modes to alter how the vehicle performs.

Output for the electric motor is rated at 204 horsepower, which should be plenty of juice to move up to nine passengers or cargo, depending on your needs. There are three different lengths and two wheelbases, so the eVito can be configured to meet your specific needs.

More Electric Vans Are Coming

Just like Mercedes' other vehicles, the eVito can be upgraded to come with even more tech features. On the inside, there's a 7-inch touchscreen that features Apple CarPlay compatibility and Wi-Fi hot spot capability. Mercedes also included its Pro service that's all about helping fleet owners manage their vehicles and operations in real time. Through the service, managers can even see how much charge their vans have left. Other nifty features include adaptive cruise control, crosswind assist, and a driver attention warning system.

The eVito may be a humble commercial van, but it shows that Mercedes is serious about an electric future. Mercedes isn't the only automaker looking into electric commercial vans. Ford is set on introducing an electric version of the Transit van, electric startup Rivian is working with Amazon on manufacturing electric delivery vans, and Nissan has the e-NV200 that's powered by the Leaf's electric powertrain. Mercedes didn't state whether it would be bringing the eVito to the U.S., but with all of the other electric delivery vans on the market, it seems like it would be a competitive option.

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