Missouri Attempts to Court Tesla With $1 Billion Package for Cybertruck Factory

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【Summary】The United States may be in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, but that’s not stopping states from offering the electric automaker with insane incentives to gain the rights for a new manufacturing factory for its Cybertruck.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 25, 2020 5:00 AM PT
Missouri Attempts to Court Tesla With $1 Billion Package for Cybertruck Factory

Tesla is big news. The all-electric automaker essentially came out of thin air and is now leading tried-and-trued brands to have some of the most sought-after and high-tech electric vehicles on the market. Everyone wants to beat Tesla and states all want a piece of the brand. So much so, that they're willing to give the brand insane incentives to call a state home for its new Cybertruck.

Possible Plant In Missouri

Previously, we reported that multiple states were interested in wooing Tesla for the automaker to find a location to build its upcoming Cybertruck. Details have been slim, while rumors plentiful. We've heard a lot about Nashville, Tennessee, a little bit about central USA, and a hint at Texas. Official information, though, is scarce. But there's one location that's going all-out to try and attract Tesla: Joplin, Missouri.

As Bloomberg reports, Toby Teeter, Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce President, sent out a tweet to Tesla CEO Elon Musk with an attractive offer. "@elonmusk, Joplin is offering a $1 BILLION package of incentives and savings to land @Tesla's new #gigafactory that will manufacture batteries and #Cybertrucks. Tesla should #ChooseJoplin, the home of battery technology. Offer:" reads the tweet.

That's an incredible offer that will surely get Tesla's attention, even if the automaker didn't respond to Teeter's tweet. According to Bloomberg, Joplin is ready to give Tesla a site that spans 1,042 acres at a steep 50 percent discount. The city is also giving Tesla a 100 percent tax abatement for 12 years, along with other tax breaks. All of this information is available on the site Joplin made, outlining why the city is better than others. It even specifically calls out Nashville and Austin, Texas.  

Why Joplin Makes Sense

One of the more interesting reasons Joplin believes it's the best location for Tesla's electric pickup truck is because of its history with battery technology. The site claims that it's home to 150 battery engineers, houses over 500 licensed engineers within a 60-mile radius, and is home to programs that have helped power Apollo missions, lunar landings, and ballistic missiles.

Another reason to choose Joplin, and this one could rub you the wrong way, is because of its cheap labor. The website claims that the median hourly earning is $27.86. That's less than Nashville ($33.18) and Austin ($37.50), resulting in far less labor cost over a 12-year period.

It certainly looks and sounds like Joplin believes it's on the short list of options for Tesla, but there's a good chance it's not. There's also a good chance that Tesla has already made up its mind. This is one of the few decisions that Tesla is keeping close to its chest and not putting on display for the world to see on Twitter. With production of the Cybertruck expected to begin in the very near future, Tesla's time to make its decision is beginning to wind down.

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