BMW Introduces the 330e Touring PHEV with All-Wheel-Drive Option

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【Summary】BMW has introduced a plug-in hybrid version of the 330e Touring estate and the provisional performance figures of the wagon have been officially announced.

Manish Kharinta    Aug 31, 2020 12:00 PM PT
BMW Introduces the 330e Touring PHEV with All-Wheel-Drive Option

Recently, a prototype of the upcoming all-electric BMW 3 Series was spotted testing sporting heavy camouflage. The test car was a long-wheelbase model. However, BMW has expanded the lineup of its world-renowned performance sedan by introducing a PHEV station wagon variant.

Although BMW recently introduced a plug-in hybrid version of its 330e sedan, now the range will now also receive all-wheel-drive xDrive models for both the estate wagon and sedan versions, along with the standard rear-wheel-drive configurations.

This is the first time that the automaker expanded its 3 Series range to include a plug-in estate model. The all-new 330e Touring plug-in-hybrid carries forward its 12.0 kWh battery pack from its predecessor. 

The new model offers a more spacious cabin than before and the storage capacity of the wagon version has been increased to 51 cubic feet (when the rear-seats are stowed away). 

BMW 330e Touring RWD

BMW has released the provisional figures of both RWD and xDrive variants of the 330e Touring.

The rear-wheel-drive version of the 330e Touring gets 10.4 kWh of usable battery capacity which gives the plug-in station wagon an all-electric WLTP driving range of 40 miles. The PHEV drivetrain allows the RWD 330e Touring to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.1 seconds.


The plug-in powertrain also uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine which comes mated to an eight-speed Steptronic transmission. BMW 330e Touring's electric motor generates 113 BHP of maximum power (68 BHP continuous). This translates into a combined power output of 289 BHP and around 310 lb-ft of peak torque.

BMW has also equipped 330e touring with an XtraBoost mode which increases the power output by about 40 BHP. The top speed of the RWD 330e Touring is rated at 137 MPH. Once the battery pack of the plug-in estate is completely discharged, it can be recharged up to 80% capacity in just 2.4 hours at a rate of 3.7 kW using a 230 V charging station.

BMW 330e xDrive Touring

We expect the xDrive variants of the 330e station wagon to feel more planted around the corners. The all-wheel-drive setup will surely improve the car's handling characteristics, which might just compensate for the somewhat compromised performance figures.

BMW 330e xDrive Touring is slower than the standard RWD version of the PHEV wagon and takes 6.2 seconds to hit the 62 mph mark. The top speed of the all-wheel-drive models is rated at 133 MPH and the battery-only driving range of the 330e xDrive models is also reduced to 34 miles as per WLTP standards.

For now, only European markets will receive the PHEV variants of the 330e Touring. BMW has not yet confirmed whether or not these new models will be introduced in the United States.

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