Honda Planning to Unveil Second EV Concept at Beijing Motor Show

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【Summary】The upcoming electric vehicle from Honda looks like it will be larger than the all-electric E, but don’t expect it to come to the U.S.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Sep 20, 2020 6:00 AM PT
Honda Planning to Unveil Second EV Concept at Beijing Motor Show

While the majority of automakers have some sort of electric plan, Honda doesn't. In fact, Honda doesn't have any battery-powered electric cars for sale in the U.S. Europe gets the cute and peppy Honda E, but the U.S. doesn't. Other automakers have pivoted to shift their focus onto electric vehicles, but Honda's deepening its partnership with General Motors to get two EVs to its name by 2024. While that's still four years off in the distance, Honda's looking to introduce its second electric vehicle.

New EV Only For China

The automaker put out a teaser of its upcoming electric concept on its global site, stating that its exhibit at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will be where Honda reveals the prototype that will be used to help develop the automaker's second electric car. Before you get your hopes up, the electric vehicle doesn't sound like it's coming to America and will only be offered in China. It's also going to be the automaker's first electric car to be introduced in China.

The picture doesn't reveal much, except that the concept resembles an evolution of the snout on the Honda Civic and Accord. That gives us the impression that the concept and the electric vehicle that follows will have a more mainstream design than the funky E. Like the Urban EV Concept that paved the way forward for the E, the upcoming concept has a light-up emblem and sharp LED headlights. Those two features didn't make their way to the production version of the E, but it's interesting to see them on the two concepts.

The teaser image doesn't provide a lot of information on the concept, but it certainly looks sportier and larger than the cute E. It also shows that Honda, despite not having any electric vehicles on sale in the U.S. still sees electric vehicles as being important to its lineup in the future.

CR-V PHEV Also Debuting

In addition to using the Beijing Auto Show as the locale to unveil its latest concept, Honda will also show off the CR-V PHEV. The plug-in hybrid SUV is the first vehicle from Honda with a plug-in hybrid powertrain to be introduced in China.

With the introduction of a new electric concept and the CR-V PHEV for the Chinese market, Honda may be changing its tune on electric vehicles. The automaker, like Toyota, has been a champion of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and fuel cells. Honda is one of the few automakers to have a fuel-cell vehicle on sale with the Clarity. Hopefully, one day, one of Honda's electric cars will make it to the U.S

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