In Case You Missed it: Amazon Reveals its Rivian-Built Electric Delivery Vans

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【Summary】The giant e-commerce company hopes to have 10,000 of these vans on the road delivering packages by 2022.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Nov 18, 2020 7:00 PM PT
In Case You Missed it: Amazon Reveals its Rivian-Built Electric Delivery Vans

We've known for quite some time that Amazon and Rivian have been working together on building electric delivery vehicles. The automaker and giant e-commerce company have showcased clay models and revealed the design process behind bringing the vans to market, but now, we're getting a look at what appears to be the real deal.

Amazon's Future Delivery Vans

In the roughly 1-minute video below, Amazon and Rivian give us our best look at what appears to be a near production-ready version of the electric van. While there's a bunch of fluff and video editing, the electric van certainly looks like the future. And, we'll have to get used to the way the van looks, because Amazon expects to have 10,000 units on the road "as early as 2022." The e-commerce company's total fleet will have 100,000 electric vans by 2030.

"When we set out to create our first customized electric delivery vehicle with Rivian, we knew that it needed to far surpass any other delivery vehicle. We wanted drivers to love using it and customers to feel excited when they saw it driving through their neighborhood and pulling up to their home," said Ross Rachey, Director of Amazon's Global Fleet and Products. "We combined Rivian's technology with our delivery logistics knowledge, and the result is what you see here-the future of last mile delivery."

Unfortunately, while Amazon and Rivian are giving us our first look at the vehicle, they're not ready to provide any official information on the van's drivetrain. So, we don't know what kind of performance, battery pack, or range the vans will have. All we do know, is that the van will provide the driver with a 36-degree view outside of the vehicle thanks to exterior cameras that are linked to a digital display on the inside. The vans will also come with Amazon Alexa compatibility for weather updates and hands-free navigation.

Little Details Matter

Additionally, the electric van has a boxy, tall design that's meant to make it easy to load, drive, and move around in. Amazon claims the van will have a driver-side door that will be strengthened for improved protection, leaving us to believe that safety has also played a large role in the manufacturing of the vehicle.

"The vehicle we've developed with Amazon is not just electric. We prioritized safety and functionality to create a vehicle that's optimized for package delivery," said RJ Scaringe, Rivian's CEO. "We thought through how drivers get in and out of the van, what the work space feels like and what the work flow is for delivering packages."

Amazon's partnership with Rivian is part of the company's goal to be carbon-neutral by 2040. The e-commerce company also wants to utilize 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 – up from 40 percent from today.

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