The Tesla Model 3 Will Now Share More Components with the Model Y Crossover

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【Summary】To help streamline production, the Tesla Model 3 will now share new components with the Model Y crossover.

Manish Kharinta    Jan 02, 2021 9:00 AM PT
The Tesla Model 3 Will Now Share More Components with the Model Y Crossover

Electric vehicle maker Tesla might have a substantial lead over the competition at the moment, but legacy automakers are now closing in on the California-based EV pioneer. However, as a standalone EV brand, Tesla does not have the scaling and distribution privileges that other large automotive groups enjoy.

This is why it's essential for Tesla to continuously refresh its offerings in order to retain the title of the world's most valuable carmaker, which the company has just done. As we reported earlier, Tesla recently made some minor changes to its mass market Model 3 sedan. Gone is the chrome trim, but new features include a power trunk. 

In addition, the Model 3 will now be sharing additional components with Tesla's Model Y crossover. For starters, the steering scroll button in the new Model Y will be the same as the silver finish thumb scroll wheel on the Model 3.

Other shared equipment on the Model 3 and Y includes auto-dimming side mirrors and laminated window glass that's been designed to reduce outside noise. Like Model 3, Tesla's crossover is extremely quiet, which means that wheel and wind noise sometimes makes its way inside the cabin.

According to reports, the Model Y crossover will now come equipped with additional USB ports inside the glove box. The Model Y is also getting a 64 GB flash drive as standard.  

The flash drive provides additional storage to help support Tesla's Sentry Mode feature. The flash drive is used to record images captured by the onboard cameras while parked providing extra security for suspicious activity around the vehicle.

The Model Y however retains its glossy black piano finish on the central tunnel between the front seats, unlike the new soft-touch brushed plastic panel in the refreshed Model 3. 

Tesla's technology and brand image are the unique selling proposition of its vehicles and the company can afford to source a majority of its components from a common parts pool. to retain its vehicle aesthetics.

This will also allow the EV manufacturer to cut costs and therefore advance its drivetrain, battery, and semi-autonomous driving technology. 

Right now, there is no information suggesting that Tesla will offer its full self-driving (FSD) feature in either the Model 3 sedan or its updated Model Y variants.

Prices for the outgoing Tesla Model Y range start at $48,490 for the entry-level dual-motor Long Range variant. The company also offers a Performance version of the crossover that gets a $58,490 price tag. 

EPA estimates Model Y's Long Range and Performance variants will deliver 326 miles and 303 miles of range, respectively.

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