Mercedes Benz Releases its New ‘Mercedes me' Apps to Keep Drivers Connected to Their Vehicles

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【Summary】German automaker Mercedes Benz announced the next-generation "Mercedes Me" smartphone apps over the summer and the new apps are now available for download for both Android and iOS devices in the respective app stores. The updated Mercedes me apps offer an improved user experience and functionality, the automaker said.

FutureCar Staff    Jan 29, 2021 9:55 AM PT
Mercedes Benz Releases its New ‘Mercedes me' Apps to Keep Drivers Connected to Their Vehicles

Most new vehicles now come with a companion smartphone app, so drivers can check their fuel level, unlock the doors, or start their vehicle remotely. As vehicles come with more connectivity features, these apps will allow drivers to always stay connected to their vehicles in a digital world. As a result, automakers are investing heavily in vehicle connectivity features.

German automaker Mercedes Benz announced over the summer that the next-generation Mercedes Me smartphone apps would launch this year and now the new apps are available for download for both Android and iOS devices in the respective app stores. 

The new generation of Mercedes me apps offers an improved user experience and functionality along with newly added features, the automaker said.

The apps will be available in over 40 Mercedes me markets by the end of the year. The Mercedes me apps were developed in close cooperation with industry partners and customers. 

Mercedes Benz was one of the first automakers to offer smartphone connectivity to its vehicles. The Mercedes me connect app was first introduced in 2016 as a connected-car application for both Android and iOS devices that enabled vehicle owners to manage aspects of their vehicle from anywhere. 

The updated Mercedes me apps are built upon a standardized developer platform, so developers can build new apps for the Mercedes Benz ecosystem. In 2019,  the automaker was the first vehicle manufacturer to grant software developers from all over the world access to its Software Development Kit (SDK).

The updated suite of apps includes the Mercedes "me App", "Store App" and "Service App." The new apps and features work on 2019 or newer Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including high-end AMG and Maybach vehicles. 


The next-generation Mercedes me connect app has been redesigned from the ground up to serve as a mobile extension of the vehicle, the company says. Among the new features is the ability to pair most vehicles and activate services directly through the app, without requiring a separate visit to a dealership.

The Mercedes me connect app also provides customers the convenience of remote vehicle management, including Remote Engine Start, Remote Door Lock and Unlock, and Vehicle Status. 

This is paired with additional vehicle data such as mileage, fuel level, tire pressure and even fluid levels, providing customers with the peace of mind of knowing their vehicle is ready for the next trip.

The updated Mercedes me app can even activate certain features of the vehicle using voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

If vehicle service is needed, the Mercedes me service app supports remote diagnostics, which provides a dealership service technician with the ability to remotely retrieve vehicle data, including fault codes to help troubleshoot issues. 

The Service App displays any active warning lamps and recommends appropriate maintenance checkups, such as checking the tire pressure at the next fuel stop. Customers can also book service appointments at their local dealer using the app. In addition, the app also offers how-to videos with interesting information on the use of the vehicle, including the ability to browse through the vehicle's owner manual.

In the event that a visit to the dealership is needed to address any service needs, customers are able to locate their preferred dealership directly through the app.

Another feature is the ability to send driving directions right to the vehicle's navigation system. When a driver gets in the vehicle their destination is pre-loaded. The app also includes a map to help a driver locate their vehicle, for example in a large parking lot.

Mercedes said that customers can also expect to see additional updates with new features being added in the coming months.

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