Kia Gains a New Logo, Teases Upcoming Electric Vehicles

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【Summary】While most of the electric concepts are still shrouded in mystery, we’ve learned a little more information about the South Korea brand’s upcoming electric vehicles.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Feb 24, 2021 7:10 AM PT
Kia Gains a New Logo, Teases Upcoming Electric Vehicles

Last September, Kia provided some information on its plan to come out with seven all-electric vehicles during a seven-year span. The plan is part of the South Korean automaker's goal to want electric vehicles to account for 25 percent of its total worldwide sales by 2029. Under the plan, Kia will introduce a total of 11 battery-powered cars by 2025. Now, we've received more information on the automaker's electric plan.

The Timeline Has Changed

Now, Kia's electric plan includes introducing seven all-electric models and three electric concepts by 2027. Kia recently teased five of the upcoming EVs. The models will have names that range from EV1 to EV9. The automaker didn't provide any information on how the names correlate to the vehicles, but we're sure it's something similar to what the new IONIQ sub-brand plans to do with its vehicles.

The upcoming electric vehicles include a "powerful and dynamic crossover, fun and practical commuter, strong and bold SUV, agile and dynamic machine, and long and elegant sedan." Kia put out pictures of the vehicles, but they're dark figures that are impossible to get any information off of. The only thing that we can see are the car's silhouettes. One looks like the Kia Telluride, while the other seems to have the front end of a Kia Stinger.

All of the electric vehicles will utilize the automaker's Electric Global Modular Platform. It's a dedicated architecture for electric vehicles that is shared with Hyundai, which calls the platform the E-GMP.

First EV Coming Soon

While Kia's plans claim the vehicles are still a few years away, the automaker will debut the first electric vehicle in the upcoming weeks. We expect the first vehicle to look similar and be Kia's option to the IONIQ 5.

In addition to providing more information on the electric vehicles, Kia also teased three new mobility concepts. The automaker refers to these as Purpose Built Vehicles or PBVs. While Kia provided pictures of these vehicles, they're just as dark as the other photos and don't give us any concrete information. The PBVs include "a micro autonomous pod, individual urban transporter, midsize commuter, and large logistic companion." From the dark silhouettes, it's clear to see that these concepts are far more outrageously styled than the others.

Lastly, and this is a small change, Kia has changed its official name. Instead of officially being called Kia Motors Corporation, the South Korean automaker is now simply called Kia. The brand also has a new slogan, "Movement That Inspires."

It's easy to look at Kia and write the brand off as having lofty goals. But take a look at the vehicles Kia was making just a few decades ago. The automaker has come a very long way and now produces some of the best vehicles on the market. If Kia can do that, then we're sure it can put up a good fight when the electrified future arrives.

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