2050 - A panel discussion about cities of the future

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【Summary】Urban design experts sit together and discuss what transformative urban trends will be reshaping our cities and repainting our landscape, to serve as a prelude for tomorrow's Design and Developer Challenge that fully envisage city of autonomous car in 2050.

Original Claire    Nov 15, 2016 12:13 AM PT
2050 - A panel discussion about cities of the future

What will the "smart cities" that support autonomous vehicles look like by the year 2050 A.D.? Changes in attitudes, technologies, social frameworks, materials and mobility will all impact how we design and build our cities over the next 30 years. The  Design and Developer Challenge at the Automobility LA 2016 Show offers a glimpse into tomorrow. Urban design experts gathered together to discuss the transformative urban trends that will reshape our cities.


The thought leaders heading the panel discussion included Jeffrey Tumlin, Director of Strategy at Nelson/Nygaard; Mark Bünger,VP of Research at Lux Research and Gerry Tierney, Associate Principal at Perkins & Will. 


But what's more exciting is tomorrow's annoucement regarding the 2016 Design and Developer Challenge winner.

This year's competiting teams include: CH Auto and Creative Mobi, Crayola and Qoros Auto, Fandango and Jaunt VR, Honda, Lego and Trigger, Kiska and KTM. 

Designers and developers have been required to work together to create a short film that answers the following questions:

How will the city of Los Angeles evolve to accommodate for autonomous transportation?

What kinds of experiences will people be able to have within autonomous vehicles?

What are the vehicles that enable these experiences like?

How will the vehicle and in-vehicle experience fundamentally transform people's lives?

Who will win this prestigious award?

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