Toyota's Luxury Brand Lexus is Working on a New Fully-electric SUV

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【Summary】​Toyota’s electrification strategy is rapidly picking up pace, and an all-electric Lexus SUV will soon join the luxury brand's portfolio.

Manish Kharinta    Mar 30, 2021 3:15 PM PT
Toyota's Luxury Brand Lexus is Working on a New Fully-electric SUV

Japanese automaker, Toyota Motor Corp recently announced that it will be introducing three electrified models this year. These new vehicles will include two battery-only EVs and a plug-in hybrid model. The company has also collaborated with Subaru, and the two automakers are jointly developing an electric-only SUV.

The battery-powered SUV from Toyota will be badge-engineered and marketed under different brands. 

So far, Toyota has not shared any further information about its upcoming electric SUV, but Subaru's version will probably use the moniker "Evoltis." Subaru has already previewed a futuristic concept that will inspire its electric offering. It was speculated that Subaru might introduce Evoltis sometime this year, but the company has not confirmed that as of yet.  

Safe to say, Toyota's electrification strategy is rapidly picking up the pace now it is being reported that Toyota's luxury brand Lexus will also introduce a new all-electric SUV, which will share its platform with Subaru Evoltis.

The upcoming Lexus EV will be based on the Japanese automaker's e-TNGA vehicle architecture, which will also underpin the Evoltis.

The new electric SUV from Lexus will likely be based on the LF-1 concept unveiled in 2018.

The Chairman of the Lexus National Dealer Advisory Council, John Iacono, recently spoke to Automotive News and expressed his expectations from the luxury marque. Iacono shared his thoughts on the Lexus product portfolio and told Automotive News that the company's current lineup is in a need of a refresh. 

Iacono thinks that Lexus should introduce relevant offerings that can bridge the gap in its current model range. He also discussed Tesla's dominance in the EV space and said that an all-electric Lexus model might soon join the company's lineup to compete with the Tesla Model Y.

Iacono claims that as the EV market continues to grow, it is only a matter of time before a fully-electric luxury SUV hits Lexus dealerships across the country. The new product will likely be a three-row model that will sit above that Lexus RXL in the luxury brand's current lineup. 

As it turns out, Iacono and other Lexus dealers have already seen the upcoming electric model.

"I personally with other Lexus dealers have gotten a glimpse of what that might look like when — not if, when — it comes to Lexus, and I believe that it has put a smile on our face, that we're going to have a player in a market," Iacono said.  

There's no doubt that Subaru Evoltis and its badge-engineered contemporaries will benefit from Toyota's scaling and distribution capability as a legacy car manufacturer. 

It's also not surprising that the upcoming Lexus EV will be an SUV, considering it's one of the most popular categories with consumers right now.

Lacono refrained from sharing any further details about the upcoming Lexus EV. However, both Toyota and Lexus teased several all-electric models in December.

Lexus will also showcase another concept later in the spring, which will feature the company's dual-motor DIRECT4 system, which is a new electric drive control system designed for its next generation of battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The all-wheel-drive DIRECT4 system uses a front and rear e-axle, each featuring a high-torque electric motor and transaxle.

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