Sébastien Stassin - Designing for the Outliers

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Original Lydia    Nov 15, 2016 5:30 PM PT
Sébastien Stassin - Designing for the Outliers

During our lifetimes, autonomous technology will offer us vehicles that will deliver consistently reliable and safe driving experiences. But where does that leave those for whom the siren song of emotion calls? For these people — the adrenaline junky, the "hipster"" tinkerer, and the artist — the thrilling or visceral drives their automotive desires. In a future automotive landscape where reason reigns supreme, discover how disruptive brand thinking can enable outlier brands to design experiences motivated by feeling, rather than just logic.

Sébastien Stassin, while serving as the Chief Creative Officer for Europe's largest independent design studio KISKA GmbH, shared the design for the outliers. Brand and technology offer different directions in new generation cars. The concept of a "brand" offers certain promises. When those promises are delivered consumers have reached a "moment of truth." What is more pivotal to the success of a company? Is it innovation, design or brand? Answering that question is one of the major challenges people like Mr. Stassin will face.

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