Cyber Security Hosted By Booz Allen Hamilton - MobilityLA 2016

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Original Anthony    Nov 15, 2016 11:30 PM PT
Cyber Security Hosted By Booz Allen Hamilton - MobilityLA 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA —Jon Allen, the Director of Booz | Allen | Hamilton, moderated a forum at the recent MobilityLA Convention attempting to address de facto cyber security issues.

Participating in the panel discussion were Daniel Thunberg, Global Head of IoT, and Faye Francy, Executive Director, Automotive ISAC.

Cyber security is a critical issue upon which rests much of the security and prosperity of the United States of America. The Emmy Award-winning Fox TV series the "X-Files" stated that the safest nation in the world was "no longer the one with the bravest soldiers, but the nation with the best scientists."

According to "Cybersecurity Next Steps: Securing the Future," attendees at the panel discussion were told: "With the steady rise in vehicle interfaces to smartphones, infrastructure, infotainment units, and ADAS technologies, vehicles are becoming exposed to external software like never before and, as a result, are becoming an attractive target to a myriad of hackers, defrauders, terrorists, and other cyber criminals.

"We'll look at the cybersecurity challenges faced by the automotive industry and compare them to those faced by other industries (such as retail, finance, and healthcare) to learn what we can expect over the next few years."

According to the panelists, an ecosystem with a strong foundation needs to be erected in order to effectively address cybersecurity issues. They explained, "This is not a market differentiator, if you are not secure you are not going to claim your space."

Another panelist, Karl Heimer, the Senior Tech advisor for Automotive and Defense Cybersecurity to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, talked about how his group is busy "focusing on unity (in regard to collaboration), talent and capability (regarding infrastructure)."

He spoke about a military platooning exercise conducted along I-69, and how Michigan will feature 350 miles of "Instrumented Roadways" by 2019.

The American Center for Mobility was also mentioned, as well as how there now exists an "Educational Development Concept" complete with several levels of internships and a specialized curriculum for new graduates to move seamlessly from the academic world into real life positions in the cybersecurity field.

Another scenario articulated by the panel included the notion that you might live in let's say, "Hell, Michigan," and you'll wake up one morning in the dead of winter to find out your car has suffered a cyberattack.

A special template was shown to the audience reading:

"Warning … we've blocked your system and brakes … Welcome 2 the 4th Revolution! To continue your journey and decrypt the system give us a call.

Your personal Key: Ae45KL1Q …"

In the future, this is a scenario that could happen if hackers are able to somehow break into your automobile's encrypted computer system. The panelists talked about how hackers wish to monetize their craft. They also mentioned the 1983 hit Hollywood film "Wargames" (which will be the subject of a future article) through the meme "Shall We Play a Game?"


The panelists also explained there's not enough money to be made in an essay way for hackers anymore. We're no longer playing a cat and mouse game with them, and information to counteract hackers must be used properly in order to combat piracy.

Faye Francy talked about public and private partnerships, and governmental involvement in combating computer hacking. She said, "It's really important that we come together … everyone needs to be at the table. Everyone is welcome to come to the table and share (their knowledge.)"

She then talked about developing a "best practices summary, governance, risk assessment and management, security by design, threat detection, incident response and other elements for dealing with the issue."

During the question and answer session, Anthony C. LoBaido asked Mr. Allen of Booz | Allen | Hamilton about a possible theater-wide threat of cyberattacks from a state or non-state actor, including North Korea or a terrorist group. More specifically, the hacking of commercial drones and 3-D printers creating important components for airline engines was mentioned.

Ms. Francy responded; "There are a lot of organizations that are addressing security from the ground up … you really must have comprehensive vigilance up and down the supply chain."

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