Volvo's new app allows you to control your car remotely

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【Summary】Volvo launched a new app called Volvo Concierge that can “take care of washing, fueling or servicing your vehicle without interrupting your life.”

Original Claire    Nov 24, 2016 6:07 PM PT
Volvo's new app allows you to control your car remotely

Suppose you don't need to go to gas station any more, the cleaning and maintaining your car will be taken care of by someone else, and you simply need to remotely control such mundane tasks. If that were the case, the daily chores involving your car will be avoided, saving you time to enjoy other leisure activities in life.

To save drivers' time and bring them more convenience, Volvo launched a new app on November 17th, 2016 at the LA Auto Show. It's called "Volvo Concierge." The app, as it claims on its website, will "take care of washing, fueling or servicing your vehicle without interrupting your life." Once a Volvo driver connects to the Concierge app, an authorized partner will take care of your needs, regardless of whether you're at home, at work, or traveling abroad.

"It's all about convenience. It's all under the heading ‘make life less complicated.' That's our mission," said Volvo Cars USA CEO Lex Kerssemakers in an interview with The Verge. "We won't talk about the business model yet, we'll talk about that later. But does it work? We'll see."

How does the app work to secure driver's car from being stolen while enjoying the streamline service? The heart of the system is a one-time-use digital key. The app will send to a service provider the key that's location and time specifi. Then they will have access to the Volvo car and provide all the required services. Once the work is done, the car locks itself, and the digital key immediately expires. 

Volvo added that customers can require the car be sent to the original drop-off place or to a new location they asked for. Basically, all you need to do is click the app and wait for the service to be done.

The reason why Volvo put forward this new app is based on customer demand. The company found 70% of Volvo consumers surveyed want on-demand fueling services, 56% want their car taken for maintenance, and 49% liked the idea of being able to have their car moved to another location.

The Concierge program, now is in its testing phase, is said to start this month with 300 owners of new Volvo XC90 SUVs and S90 sedans in the San Francisco Bay Area. Depending on how effective it is, a larger expansion might come later. Volvo's customers "all have their phones and they all know how to work with their phones," said Kerssemakers. "This is just the start."It should also be noted that Volvo partnered with Filld, an on-demand fuel delivery tech company for the program, and plans to add more features in the future to better the service. This was not the first time the Swedish automaker has tried out such program. Early in 2014, the company began experimenting in-car delivery services. This past May, the company brought out a new service by cooperating with Swedish startup Urb, to deliver packages ordered online to a car owner's trunk in under two hours. The delivery service was limited to Volvo owners living in Stockholm, Sweden, but was planned to expand to other European cities this year, and more than 200 cities internationally by 2025.

Volvo has claimed to make the safest cars in the world - now they might become the most convenient to own as well. 

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