Electric Ram 1500, Dodge Muscle Car Confirmed For 2024

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【Summary】The announcements come at the same time as automaker Stellantis announces a massive $35.6 billion investment in electric vehicles.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Aug 16, 2021 7:00 AM PT
Electric Ram 1500, Dodge Muscle Car Confirmed For 2024

During Stellantis' "EV Day," the automaker announced that it would be investing roughly $35.6 billion into electrifying its vehicles through 2025. With the investment, Stellantis is looking to come out with an electrified vehicle across all of its 14 brands globally and anticipates that 40 percent of its sales in the U.S. will come from plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. To that end, Stellantis is looking to a few of its more well-known brands to come out with EVs.

Muscle EV From Dodge Coming

Dodge, the larger-than-life automaker that continues to stuff insanely powerful V8 engines into muscle cars, plans to come out with a "muscle EV" in 2024. The American automaker put out a few teaser photos, though the vehicle is shrouded in shadows and there's not a lot to go off of. It's also not clear if Dodge will turn to the two-door Challenger or four-door Charger as the base for its upcoming EV. Still, it's exciting news.

From the pictures, it does look like the muscle EV will feature retro design elements with front lighting that's reminiscent of the Dodge Charger from 1969. The EV will also wear the Fratzog logo that was used on classic muscle cars. The muscle car will sit on Stellantis' STLA Large platform, which promises a range of up to 500 miles. The electric powertrain is rumored to make around 886 horsepower and have a zero to 60 mph time as low as 2 seconds.

Seeing Dodge, an automaker that offers some of the most powerful and outdated cars on the market, move toward offering an EV may seem confusing, but it's all about performance. The automaker claims that its engineers have reached the limit of what they can do with the internal combustion engine. So, embracing electrified powertrains is more about improving performance than anything else.

Ram 1500 EV Announced

Dodge isn't the only high-profile automaker that will introduce an electric vehicle by 2024, Ram recently announced that it would come out with an electric Ram 1500 pickup. The truck will go up against rivals from General Motors and Ford with a body-on-frame electric platform that will have a targeted range of 500 miles. Going above and beyond, Ram will also look into offering an electric vehicle in every segment of its lineup, which includes commercial vans, city vans, and heavy-duty trucks.

Ram didn't provide a lot of information on the upcoming 1500 electric truck, but claims the pickup would offer fast-charging at up to 150 kW, have some sort of onboard power source, and will have a navigation system to drivers plan their routes.

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