Volvo's Electric Brand Polestar to Chronicle the Precept Sedan's Production Process in a YouTube Documentary Series

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【Summary】Volvo’s electric sub-brand Polestar released the first episode of a YouTube documentary series that will chronicle the design, development, and production process for the Precept EV concept.

Manish Kharinta    Aug 18, 2021 8:30 AM PT
Volvo's Electric Brand Polestar to Chronicle the Precept Sedan's Production Process in a YouTube Documentary Series
The Polestar Precept concept sedan.

The Precept electric sedan from Volvo's electric brand Polestar was originally slated for full-scale production in late 2020, but now we expect the company will launch the futuristic sedan as a 2023 model. 

Polestar claims that its Precept concept is an example of "innovation, sustainability blended with climate-neutral technology." 

Staying true to Polestar's pledge of transparency, the company is releasing an entire YouTube documentary series, which will chronicle the design process, development and production for the Precept EV concept. 

The "Precept: From Concept to Car" documentary series is an endeavor to reveal the variety of elements that go into the ideation and development process of a new vehicle.

The series will continue throughout the Precept's production phase, offering viewers a chance to follow the electric sedan's development and design process.

The first webisode is titled "The Concept'' and was released last week. The first installment offers viewers a quick behind-the-scenes look at the different views and thought processes the electric carmaker has to take into consideration. 

Maximilian Missoni, head of design at Polestar, stated that the company aims to share what he calls the "fascinating process" of engineering and design that goes behind the making of an advanced electric sedan like the Precept.

The video series will show how the Polestar brand works and how it overcomes the challenges the company faces before production. This includes sourcing and working around elements that fit Polestar's design aesthetic for the Precept concept.

As one would expect, the transition from a concept car to a series production model is seldom straightforward. With many constraints and requirements, automakers like Polestar have to ensure that their overall vision is not lost during the transitions.

Although Polestar has not revealed the technical specifications of the Precept sedan yet, it's expected that the car will get a dual-motor setup and deliver around 400 miles of range, which will rival Tesla's flagship Model S.

The short introductory episode on the company's YouTube channel gives a rare glance at different aspects of car making. Future episodes promise to dive deeper into Polestar's mission to bring the Precept sedan to life.

In addition to the breakthroughs that were shared by the Polestar Precept team, the upcoming episodes will provide a detailed look at the Precept concept, as well as the different aspects of the car that had to be changed along the way.

All in all, the idea of "Precept: From Concept to Car" is just as unique as the car itself. 

In other news, Polestar is reportedly seeking to go public via a merger with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Gores Guggenheim.

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