General Motors Confirms New Commercial Electric Truck and Van

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【Summary】As part of its plan to expand its BrightDrop business, General Motors announced plans to add two new zero-emissions vehicles to its commercial lineup.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Aug 07, 2021 7:00 AM PT
General Motors Confirms New Commercial Electric Truck and Van

General Motors is clearly all-in on electric vehicles. Despite this knowledge, the automaker continues to drop news on just how far down the electric rabbit hole it will actually go. In addition to coming out with electric cars for consumers, GM plans to have a robust lineup of commercial EVs. The American automaker recently announced that it will come out with two new options for its commercial lineup as part of its recently launched BrightDrop company.

More Electric Commercial Vehicles Coming

During GM's second-quarter earning's call, CEO Mary Barra confirmed plans to come out with two new electric fleet vehicles. The first of which will be an electric cargo van that will be sold under the Chevrolet brand. The EV could be the replacement to the outdated Express Van that's been on sale since 1996. The second electric vehicle will be a medium-duty truck that will be used to underpin service and utility vehicles.

"We will have electric solutions for almost any hauling or towing job you can imagine," said Barra. The CEO didn't provide a lot of information on the vehicles, but stated that the automaker will "share more details about these products as we move forward."

Both electric vehicles are expected to utilize General Motors' Ultium batteries. Additionally, Automotive News reports that the brand's Hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell technology will also be available for the commercial vehicles. While a lot of automakers are moving to battery-powered electric vehicles, General Motors is one of the few to continue investing in hydrogen. GM will be supplying its Hydrotech Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Cubes to Navistar for that brand's trucks in 2024. Using the same technology in its own vehicles is a no-brainer.

Competition Heats Up

An upcoming electric cargo van from Chevrolet would compete directly against the 2022 Ford E-Transit. While electric vehicles are tough sells for consumers, electric commercial vehicles are an easier sell. Commercial users tend to drive in urban areas and travel short distances to get to different sites. So, an electric cargo van of the Chevrolet Express would be popular. The medium-duty truck sounds like the more interesting vehicle. It will be used to underpin things like ambulances, garbage trucks, and shuttles, which are vehicles that could benefit from an electric platform.

Both of the upcoming commercial vehicles will support GM's BrightDrop company. That subsidiary already plans to offer the EV600 commercial vehicle. The first 500 units of the EV600 will be sold to FedEx.

Between these upcoming commercial vehicles, the GMC Hummer EV, all-electric pickup truck from Chevrolet, and another electric pickup from GMC, it seems like General Motors is prioritizing capable EVs.

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