Ford Mustang Mach-E Hit by Another Delay

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【Summary】This time around, Ford is blaming the semiconductor chip shortage for the delay that will keep Mach-E customers waiting for a minimum of six weeks.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Sep 21, 2021 7:00 AM PT
Ford Mustang Mach-E Hit by Another Delay

Ford has been hit hard by the chip shortage. The automaker had thousands of F-Series trucks sitting at empty parking lots for months as it waited for the necessary chips. The situation got so bad that Ford started to ship F-Series trucks to dealerships without chips in the hopes that consumers would purchase them and be fine with waiting for chips to be installed. Ford claimed that it was doing all it could to not delay high-profile vehicles like the Bronco, Bronco Sport, and F-150, and Mustang Mach-E. Unfortunately, while Ford tried its best to do that, the Mach-E was just hit by a delay because of the chip shortage.

Another Delay For Mach-E

While this isn't the first delay for the Mustang Mach-E — Ford's Halo EV has been mired by delays — this is the first time the American automaker has officially called out the chip shortage.  A user on MachEForum received a letter that was addressed to a "Future Mustang Mach-E Owner" that outlines the latest delay.

Mustang Mach-E SUVs that are scheduled to be delivered from July 5 to October 1 will be delayed by a minimum of six weeks. "We'd like you to know that while we're working nonstop to deliver your very own Mustang Mach-E vehicle, we project your vehicle delivery will be delayed by a minimum of six weeks. Once your vehicle receives the required chip, your vehicle status will be updated, and you'll receive an email with an estimated week of delivery."

Speaking with CNET, a Ford spokesperson confirmed the delay, but stated that the leaked letter was an early draft. The automaker will send out an official one to affected Mustang Mach-E consumers shortly.

"The global semiconductor shortage continues to affect global automakers and other industries in all parts of the world," the spokesperson added. "We are working closely with all of our key suppliers to address production constraints tied to this global semiconductor shortage so we can continue to build Mustang Mach-E vehicles, and get them to our customers as quickly as we can."

Mach-E Customers Have Been Waiting

The outlet reports that most of the Mach-E SUVs have already been manufactured and the chips are the last step in the process. This sounds like a similar issue to the one Ford had with its F-Series trucks, but we doubt the automaker will build thousands and thousands of units that will just sit around.

To help consumers wait, Ford is providing affected customers with an extra 250-kWh of complimentary charging using the automaker's Blue Oval Charge Network. That's certainly not enough to keep customers waiting for six weeks, especially after the previous delays, but it's better than nothing.

The Mustang Mach-E was hit with a delay in May 2020 when Ford shut down a few factories because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In January 2021, there was another delay with the electric crossover because of quality issues. At the time, Ford stated that the delay affected 4,500 Mach-E buyers and offered the majority of them with 250 kWh of free charging. Then this June, Ford stated that Mach-E customers were looking at waiting roughly 28 weeks for their EVs to be delivered. Throughout all of the delays, Ford hasn't said anything about the chip shortage, so it's a little strange to see them blame the chip shortage as the issue for the latest delay.

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