Hyundai's Genesis Brand Planning To Go All-Electric by 2025

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【Summary】Starting in 2025, the only new vehicles Genesis will sell are all-electric vehicles, while cars with an internal combustion engine will be phased out by 2030.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Oct 12, 2021 7:30 AM PT
Hyundai's Genesis Brand Planning To Go All-Electric by 2025

Hyundai hasn't even caught its breath from unveiling the all-electric GV60, but the automaker has no signs of slowing its roll when it comes to electric cars. In fact, in a 12-minute livestream, the South Korean luxury brand announced that it was moving toward a future where electric vehicles are everything. By 2025, the only new vehicles that Genesis will come out with are electric vehicles. That's one of the quickest timelines we've seen so far in the upcoming electric revolution.

Genesis Going All-In On EVs

In just four short years, Genesis will shift to only selling all-electric vehicles, which includes EVs and hydrogen fuel-cell cars. By 2030, Genesis will become a zero-emission automaker, which means that consumers will not be able to purchase a new vehicle with an internal combustion engine from the brand. Becoming carbon neutral is another one of Genesis' goals, which is penciled in for 2035.

In addition to announcing its plans, Genesis also provided a teaser image of its upcoming electric cars. The South Korean brand has plans to come out with eight electric vehicles that you see here. The picture isn't the best quality, so it's hard to see anything definitive. We can see the silhouettes of the vehicles and the automaker's signature headlights, but that's pretty much it. It looks like Genesis will have three SUVs, a few sedans, and even a sporty coupe. So, the brand's lineup will be well-stocked with options.

Ambitious Goals From An Ambitious Brand

Genesis' plans are quite ambitious, especially since it only has two real electric vehicles in the works with the GV60 and Electrified G80. With eight EVs on sale, Genesis is looking toward selling 400,000 EVs annually by 2030. That's a large figure for a small automaker like Genesis. Last year, the South Korean brand only sold 128,365 vehicles globally. So, 400,000 EVs at a time when they're not all that popular in the U.S. sounds ambitious.

The all-electric GV60 utilizes Hyundai Motor Group's E-GMP platform and we're sure Genesis will utilize the chassis for a few of its other EVs. That only makes sense and would definitely help the brand reach its goal.

Genesis isn't the only automaker that has plans to go all-electric in the future, though its timeline is far quicker than everyone else's. Audi plans to stop selling cars with an internal combustion engine by 2033, VW will do the same thing in Europe by 2035, and General Motors wants to achieve the same goal by 2035. Becoming carbon neutral is also a huge thing for automakers, with GM aiming to be one of the first by hitting the goal by 2040.

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