Chevrolet Silverado EV Pickup Set to Go Into Production in 2023

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【Summary】Ford and Rivian will have a large amount of time with the pickup truck market to themselves as production of the Silverado EV isn’t set to begin until 2023, with deliveries expected to start before the end of the year.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Jan 17, 2022 7:00 AM PT
Chevrolet Silverado EV Pickup Set to Go Into Production in 2023

The automotive industry is gearing up for an electric pickup truck revolution. Rivian beat everyone to the punch by introducing the R1T and delivering the first units of the truck this year. GMC is shortly behind, as its Hummer EV Pickup is expected to come out in the near future, while the Ford F-150 Lightning is off in the distance a bit with an expected arrival date of spring 2022. Chevrolet, which was late to announce an electric pickup with the Silverado EV, sounds like it will be late with its entry to the scene. 

Electric Silverado Over A Year Away

Doug Parks, the executive vice president for global production development at General Motors, confirmed to Automotive News that the first units of the Silverado electric pickup truck won't roll off the assembly line until early 2023. Production of the all-electric pickup is expected to take place at General Motors' facility at the Factory Zero plant, which was formerly known as Detroit-Hamtramck. GM updated the plant so it could build the GMC Hummer EV Pickup and SUV. 

With production of the Silverado EV set to begin in "early 2023," consumers could expect to receive their pickup trucks as early as spring 2023 or, in a worst-case scenario, before the end of the year. The world will get its first look at the Silverado EV pickup truck at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 5. 

What Chevy Will Offer

The bad news is that the Silverado EV will come out a full year after the F-150 Lightning. It's almost a year and a half behind the R1T and a full year behind the GMC Hummer EV Pickup. We're not sure why Chevrolet is so far behind its competitors, but Ford and Rivian will have huge headstarts in a segment where brand loyalty is key. 

We're sure consumers will still want to wait for the Silverado EV pickup. The truck is expected to arrive with a range of over 40 miles and come with all-wheel steering. We expect some of the GMC Hummer EV Pickup's features to travel downwards to the Silverado EV, too. Chevrolet hasn't provided a lot of information on what it plans to bring to market with the Silverado EV, but the pickup truck should have all-wheel drive, Ultium batteries, and Chevy's Ultium platform. 

Chevrolet has not started to accept reservations for the Silverado EV yet, but we expect books to open up in the near future. With Ford receiving approximately 200,000 deposits for the F-150 Lightning, we expect the Silverado EV Pickup to garner a similar amount of attention. While range plays a large role in the popularity of EVs, Chevrolet will have to price the truck accordingly if it wants to be competitive against the F-150 Lightning that starts at $39,974. 

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