Artist creates a car that's beyond your imagination

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【Summary】Artist and designer Joey Ruiter recently created a futuristic car called Consumer, which defies almost all traditions a car has.

Original Claire    Dec 06, 2016 10:00 PM PT
Artist creates a car that's beyond your imagination

A car is not like clothing or similar apparel. It cannot be changed into various shapes and forms. Whenever we think of a car, we know that it must have four wheels, at least twp doors, a roof, a steering wheel and so on. At an auto show, no matter how bizarre-looking a fancy concept car may be, it rarely goes outside of all known and accepted boundaries. Industrial designers prefer more functionality than artistic esthetics. And maybe that's why most cars look similar.

But artist and designer Joey Ruiter doesn't think so. He recently created a futuristic car called "Consumer" which defies all traditional notions of a car.

It looks like a black lego block, or a giant moving eraser and reminds people of the movie "Dark Knight Rises." It weighs only 1,250 pounds and is just 33-inches tall. With an overall length of 135 inches, it's even more petite than a Mini-Cooper. Although it still has four wheels and an engine that a car needs, the car's exterior hides them all. The low trapezoidal-shaped vehicle's outside material is divided into two parts. To begin, it's purely metal within one half that can fold fully forward to reveal the engine. And there's a special plant-based fabric Xorel in the back portion that is resistant to clement weather.

There are no doors and no roof.

A driver needs to use sidesteps designed at each side of the vehicle to jump into the car. He or she must also wear a helmet.

Another eye-catching thing is the headlight. The front of the car is adorned with a large two-way mirror. It can both reflect back the environment around the vehicle and hide the three bright bands of LED behind it. Moreover, the mirror is angled down a bit to prevent other drivers from getting blinded by the reflected light of their own headlights. Around the mirror is a specially-designed air intake duct for the front engine.

"The overall design gesture, consumes everything: light, darkness, air, and space," Ruiter told the Motor1 reporter.

The Michigan-based designer is an award-winning talent in the industrial design field. His works covers a wide range of objects such as furniture, sculpture, concept watercraft, household objects, bicycles and a birdhouse. He won his first "Best of NeoCon Gold" award just two years after graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design. He is now the owner of over 25 design patents.

His other blow-your-mind designs include a motorcycle and a snowmobile, all featuring metal and a transformer feel.   

His signature, as noted in his studio webpage, is design that meets everyday needs in surprising ways — pushing limits to confront established expectations.

"I see the designer's role to lead people to what's next … to push, to imagine, to create something great. It is important to me that people find a relationship with the objects that I create, inspiring creates new stories, memories and interactions with each other. Ultimately, that's really what it's all about," Joey Ruiter said on his studio website.     

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