Chrysler's Electric Plans Include Three SUVs, Electric Minivan

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【Summary】Hot on the heels of announcing that Chrysler will lead the electrification charge for Stellantis, Chrysler’s CEO has provided some more information on upcoming electric vehicles from the brand.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Feb 22, 2022 2:00 PM PT
Chrysler's Electric Plans Include Three SUVs, Electric Minivan

At the beginning of the year, Chrysler announced that it would be going all-electric by 2028. The plans seem to fit the iconic American brand which has seen its sales dwindle and lineup shrink to just three vehicles. In addition to the announcement, Chrysler unveiled the swanky Chrysler Airflow Concept. At the time, Chrysler wouldn't provide any information on what electric vehicles it would sell and didn't confirm any information on whether the Chrysler Airflow Concept would make it into production.

What To Expect From Chrysler

In speaking with Motor Trend, Chrysler CEO Chris Feuell outlined a few electric cars we could expect to see from the automaker in the future. The first important tidbit is that the Airflow Concept won't go into production. There's a chance that Chrysler may move away from the Airflow name, too.

While the concept won't make it to dealerships, Chrysler will be building an electric vehicle on the same STLA Large electric vehicle platform that Stellantis is developing. All of Chrysler's upcoming EVs will be built on that platform. If the Airflow Concept is anything to go off of, the first SUV should have a 118-kWh battery pack with a range of roughly 350 to 400 miles.  

After the first electric SUV, Chrysler will come out with "one or two" more SUVs. It's possible that these two SUVs could be part of the same family with the smaller one offering five seats and the larger one offering three rows of seats. With Jeep's focus on bringing large SUVs like the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer to market, we understand the need to find a way to come out with a profitable EV right out of the gate.

The most popular vehicle Chrysler sells at the moment is the Pacifica minivan. Chrysler was one of the first automakers to come out with a minivan and the body style is incredibly important to the automaker. So, it shouldn't but all that surprising to hear that Chrysler will ensure the minivan has a place when it moves to being an all-electric brand. Don't expect Chrysler to just electrify the Pacifica, though.

The Minivan Will Continue To Exist

Instead, Feuell sees the move to electrification to give Chrysler the ability to see a "fresh perspective" on what a minivan or "multi-purpose vehicle" can be, claims Motor Trend. This "multi-purpose vehicle" theme is something we've seen recently with minivans like the Kia Carnival. Automakers know that consumers are interested in vehicles that offer spacious cabins and large cargo areas, but aren't interested in purchasing minivans. Turning them into "multi-purpose vehicles" gives minivans a second life.

Chrysler may come out with a variety of EVs with multiple body styles, but Chrysler will use a lot of the same connected vehicle technology as the other automakers under the Stellantis brand. The outlet claims that future Chryslers will come with the built-in-camera system we saw in the Airflow Concept. Other features we could see include screen filters and direct audio.

Chrysler isn't the only automaker in the Stellantis lineup that's getting serious about electric cars. Dodge, Jeep, and Ram are all expected to show off serious products for their electrification goals.

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