Nissan Planning $500 Million Investment for Two New EVs

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【Summary】One of the new electric vehicles will have a Nissan badge while the other will be sold as an Infiniti. Both will be sedans and be built in Nissan’s plant in Mississippi.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Mar 29, 2022 9:15 AM PT
Nissan Planning $500 Million Investment for Two New EVs

Nissan was one of the first automakers to come out with an all-electric vehicle with the Leaf. Since then, it's fallen behind competitors like Ford, Chevrolet, Tesla, and Ford that have doubled down on their electrification goals and come out with affordable options with an impressive amount of range and performance. Nissan was once a leader and now it's fallen behind the pack. With the recent announcement that Nissan plans to come out with two new electric vehicles in 2025, the Japanese automaker is looking to become relevant again.

New EVs Coming

Nissan put out a teaser video that shows off both of the vehicles' silhouettes, but little else. From the video, we can see that the upcoming electric cars look like they'll be sedans with a modern Sportback design. The two will most likely share powertrains, platforms, and the same overall design, though the video shows that they will have different styling. The video has close-up angles of the vehicles' lighting elements at the front and they're radically different.

At the front, the Nissan has a full-width lighting element and three small horizontal slits at the sides. The Infiniti has more dramatic styling with thin vertical slats that run the full width of the vehicle and follow the curvature of the hood. The video also gives us a short glimpse of the vehicles' silhouettes, and both appear to have sweeping rooflines and sedan body styles. Other than these little tidbits, there's not much information to get from the video.  

Mississippi Plant Expanding

Nissan's announcement was joined by another one where the automaker stated that it would be investing $500 million into its Canton, Mississippi assembly plant. The massive investment will see the plant turn into a "center for EV manufacturing and technology" for the automaker. With the money, Nissan will be adding a new assembly line at the factory and a battery pack facility. At the time of writing, the Canton factory is currently where Nissan builds the Frontier, Titan, and Altima. The plant has an annual production of 410,000 vehicles annually.

We're surprised to see Nissan invest heavily in coming out with electric sedans, as the majority of automakers are now switching gears to electric SUVs and pickup trucks. Even Chevrolet and Ford have focused on small hatchbacks, SUVs, and pickups for their electric vehicles. Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Audi are the only brands that offer all-electric sedans.

These two new electric vehicles are part of Nissan's plan to come out with 15 all-electric vehicles globally by 2030 with a massive $17.6 billion investment. We'll probably get more information on the two models down the road and of many more that are in the pipeline.

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