Ford Pro Launches Six New Chargers for Commercial EVs

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【Summary】The six new chargers include scalable Level 2 AC and Level 3 DC fast chargers that range from 11.5-kW to 180-kW.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Apr 18, 2022 6:00 AM PT
Ford Pro Launches Six New Chargers for Commercial EVs

While the focus on the lack of electric chargers is for regular consumers that don't have access to chargers in urban and suburban areas, commercial users are having an even harder trim trying to find a place to charge their fleets. For automakers that are planning to sell commercial vehicles and have a few commercial vehicles on sale, this is worrying.

Chargers For Fleet EVs Are Coming

Ford is one of the few automakers to have an all-electric commercial vehicle on sale with the 2022 E-Transit. Large companies looking to have an entire fleet of E-Transit vans won't buy the vehicle if they don't have a place to charge the vehicle.

To make sure its fleet customers have a place to charge the brand's upcoming electric vehicles, the company's Ford Pro division recently announced that it would be coming out with a host of new chargers that are specifically designed with its fleet customers in mind.

Ford Pro revealed six new vehicle chargers that include Level 2 AC and Level 3 DC chargers that can pump out between 11.5 and 180 kilowatts of power. The two Ford Pro AC Charging Stations that have an output of 11.5 and 19.2 kilowatts utilize a J1772 connector, while the Ford Charge Station Pro, Ford Pro DC Charging Station, Ford Pro Industrial DC Dispenser, and Ford Pro Commercial DC Dispenser have a CCS-1 connector. Ford did not say what kind of connector the Ford Pro DC Charging Cabinet will have.

Chargers With Lots Of Options

The new chargers are a large push from Ford to give companies a wide variety of options to choose from to charge their electric fleets. Half of the chargers can be installed at a home or at a depot – the more powerful chargers can only be installed at depots – and offer useful features like Wi-Fi, cellular, and ethernet capability. The larger, more powerful chargers offer the ability to charge four vehicles simultaneously, come with a 10-inch touchscreen, and are fast-charging enabled.

"We are investing heavily in products and services to help commercial customers accelerate into an electric future, which means helping to ensure our hardware and software can plug and play with other manufacturers, as we know many customers operate mixed-make fleets," said Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO. "These chargers can be completely customized to unique commercial environments and can work even better when paired together with Ford Pro electric vehicles and Telematics to enable OEM-grade data transparency."

In addition to the E-Transit van, the upcoming F-150 Lightning will also be available in a fleet model that's aimed directly at companies. We're sure the pickup truck and any other upcoming commercial vehicle from Ford will be able to utilize the brand's chargers.

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