Ford to Begin Shipping Explorer Without Chips, Rear HVAC Controls

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【Summary】To help get vehicles to consumers and ease inventory constraints, Ford will begin to ship some vehicles without chips and features to consumers.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Apr 25, 2022 6:25 AM PT
Ford to Begin Shipping Explorer Without Chips, Rear HVAC Controls

Ford, more so than a lot of other automakers, has been having a difficult time getting vehicles to consumers. Shoppers have had to wait incredibly long times for their vehicles because the automaker simply doesn't have the necessary chips to get the cars to dealers to sell. Ford's latest idea to help solve some of its inventory constraints, according to Automotive News, is to ship vehicles that don't have chips and some features to dealers to sell.

Ford Explorer Losing Features

Ford spokesman Said Deep told Auto News that the automaker will be manufacturing the midsize Explorer without semiconductor chips, which results in the vehicle losing its rear HVAC controls. While consumers will have to live without these controls for a while, consumers will be able to visit their dealership within a year to receive the necessary chips to bring the controls online.

This is a huge hassle, especially for consumers that just plucked down a large amount of money for a new Explorer. Ford understands that and will provide buyers with a price reduction, stated Deep. The automaker didn't provide information on how large the price reduction will be.

While this may seem like an odd decision, other automakers have done something similar and it helps Ford to get Explorers to consumers faster. The automaker believes that this will be a temporary fix to its production issues.

Are Other Vehicles Next?

This isn't the first time Ford has talked about shipping vehicles to dealerships without semiconductor chips. The automaker first brought up the idea last July. The original plan back then was to deliver these vehicles to dealerships to add inventory to lots that were empty. Now, Ford is willing to sell these unfinished vehicles to consumers to mend the issue with correct chips within a year.

The outlet doesn't have any information on when Ford will begin shipping the Explorer SUVs to dealerships, if the brand is targeting a specific trim level, or if Ford will do something similar with another model. We think it's possible, as Ford decided to give consumers the option to not get their F-150 pickup truck with automatic start-stop for a $50 discount.

Ford isn't the only automaker to cut features out of vehicles and sell them to consumers. Cadillac removed its hands-free driver-assist Super Cruise system from a few models, BMW stopped offering a touchscreen in a few of its cars, Genesis has reverted to using old safety features, and some Tesla's didn't come from the factory with USB ports.

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