Honda and GM Promise to Manufacture 'Affordable' Electric Vehicles

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【Summary】Honda and General Motors are expanding their partnership to work on electric vehicles together to focus on coming out with more affordable electric cars for consumers to purchase.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 17, 2022 5:45 PM PT
Honda and GM Promise to Manufacture 'Affordable' Electric Vehicles

Honda and General Motors got together in 2020 to announce that they would be working on a few new electric vehicles that would come out in 2024. Those vehicles are still a few years away and we haven't seen what the two automakers are actually working on, but we do know that the two automakers have decided to expand on their partnership for even more electric vehicles. Now, GM and Honda are looking to expand their collaboration to focus on co-developing a lineup of affordable electric crossovers that will come out in 2027.

Affordable EVs Coming

The upcoming electric crossovers are expected to share a similar platform and, unsurprisingly, the same battery technology. The two automakers are reportedly exploring new things for upcoming batteries like solid-state technology and new materials that include silicon and lithium-metal. For readers that don't remember the two automakers' original partnership hinders on GM's Ultium battery and platform for new SUVs from Honda and Acura. With GM specifically referring to "next-generation Ultium battery technology," we're interested to see what the future holds for these affordable vehicles.

One thing is for sure. With the idea of affordability playing a large role with these upcoming vehicles, we expect them to be badged as Hondas and Chevrolets. Of course, that could change in the future when the brands may expand to more upscale options, but the new venture specifically calls out "affordable electric vehicles." With affordability in mind, we expect the new electric crossovers to be smaller and more affordable than the upcoming 2024 Honda Prologue and the Acura version that is expected to be called the ADX.

"GM and Honda will share our best technology, design and manufacturing strategies to deliver affordable and desirable EVs on a global scale, including our key markets in North America, South America and China," said Mary Barra, GM chair and CEO. "This is a key step to deliver on our commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in our global products and operations by 2040 and eliminate tailpipe emissions from light duty vehicles in the U.S. by 2035. By working together, we'll put people all over the world into EVs faster than either company could achieve on its own."

GM Has A Lot More EVs Coming

Beyond helping offset the high costs of developing and manufacturing electric cars, we're not sure what Honda brings to the table in this partnership. GM is already well ahead of the pack for affordable EVs. The American automaker sells the Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV that start below $34,000. Chevrolet also has plans to come out with the Equinox EV that will cost around $30,000 an additional EV just below that model. On the other hand, Honda doesn't sell an electric car in the U.S. and hasn't since it unplugged the all-electric Clarity EV.

Honda is reportedly also working on developing its own electric cars with its own platforms, but hasn't provided a lot of information on these vehicles. In addition to working with GM, Honda will also be working with Sony on future EVs.

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