Honda Teases Prologue EV With GM Ultium Platform and Battery

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【Summary】This teaser image gives us our first look at Honda’s upcoming electric SUV that will be built in partnership with General Motors.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Jun 28, 2022 3:00 PM PT
Honda Teases Prologue EV With GM Ultium Platform and Battery

Saying that Honda is on the back foot with electric vehicles is an understatement. The Japanese automaker doesn't have any electric cars on sale. While Honda is well behind its competitors, it's looking to change that shortly thanks to a partnership with General Motors. The first electric vehicle that the two automakers will build together is the Prologue that will arrive in 2024. Honda has been tight-lipped on the Prologue, but we recently got our first look at the upcoming EV. 

Prologue Looks Rugged

Honda recently released a teaser image of the upcoming Prologue electric SUV. Surprisingly, we don't see any similarities between the Prologue and the Honda e, which is a global EV that the automaker sells. Instead, the Prologue seems to have a similar face to the new Civic with comparable headlights, a slim grille, and a similar beltline. With chunky body cladding and roof rails, Honda wants to emphasize that the Prologue is an SUV. If anything, we see the Prologue being an electrified version of the HR-V, but slightly blockier. 

In its press release, Honda claims that the all-electric Prologue will be "an adventure-ready SUV capable of satisfying everyday driving and weekend getaways," making it sound like it will compete with the brand's other TrailSport models. In keeping with the rugged character, the Prologue will also have a "long wheelbase, shorter overhang and a strong stance outfitted with a capable tire." 

Beyond these details and the one teaser image, Honda isn't prepared to share a lot more information on its upcoming EV. The Prologue isn't the only electric vehicle Honda plans to introduce soon. Honda and General Motors will also be coming out with a second electric vehicle. This vehicle is expected to be sold as an Acura and have a more upscale look. 

Other EVs Coming From Honda

Both of Honda's upcoming EVs will utilize GM's Ultium batteries and platform. For a brand like Honda, which is so far behind competitors on the electrification front, partnering with an automaker like GM that already is well on its way to having a robust lineup of EVs is the best way to catch up to the rest of the industry. 

For Honda's other electric vehicles, those will be built on Honda's E architecture that it plans to introduce in 2026. In 2027, Honda plans to begin selling a new lineup of affordable EVs that will be based on a new vehicle architecture that's being co-developed with GM. With everything going on, Honda is planning to sell 500,000 electric vehicles in North America by 2030. The Japanese automaker is aiming to introduce 30 new electric cars globally by 2030. 

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