Toyota Offering Multiple Solutions for Non-Drivable bZ4X Electric SUVs

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【Summary】Toyota bZ4X owners that aren’t interested in waiting for the automaker to come out with a fix have the option of Toyota buying back the SUV.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Sep 13, 2022 10:00 PM PT
Toyota Offering Multiple Solutions for Non-Drivable bZ4X Electric SUVs

The Toyota bZ4X is an all-new, all-electric SUV from the Japanese brand. Unlike the majority of automakers, Toyota has been slow to come out with all-electric vehicles, as it believes that hybrid and plug-in hybrids are more competitive at the moment. The bZ4X is the brand's foray into the modern world of EVs and was built in partnership with Subaru. Unfortunately, approximately two months after coming out with the bZ4X, Toyota issued a recall for the SUV. Nearly a month after announcing the recall, it still doesn't have a fix. Instead, Toyota is offering owners a few remedies. 

Toyota Has A Few Offer For Owners

Before we cover what Toyota is offering owners, here's a quick refresh on the recall. Before the end of June, Toyota issued a recall for all bZ4Xs that it had delivered up to that point. The issue with the electric SUV is with its wheel hub bolts that may become loose, causing a wheel to come off of the vehicle. Obviously, that's not very safe. So, Toyota told nearly 2,700 bZ4X owners globally not to drive their brand-spanking-new SUVs until the automaker could come out with a fix. 

While we expected Toyota to come out with a fix for the problem relatively quickly, that's not the case. Nearly a month after issuing the recall, Toyota is still stuck with the problem. It doesn't sound like it's going to have a fix soon, either, as the automaker reportedly sent letters to bZ4X owners with a few solutions.

When Will Toyota Find A Fix?

As Electrek reports, Toyota sent a letter to bZ4X owners with a variety of different offers they can receive as their bZ4Xs sit collecting dust. For owners, Toyota will provide a loaner vehicle for them to use, while storing their broken bZ4Xs. In addition to the loaner, Toyota will also reimburse owners for any fuel costs. For owners that paid for their bZ4X in full or have a loan/lease for the vehicle, Toyota is prepared to give owners a credit of $5,000 toward payments for the SUV. At the time of purchase, Toyota gave bZ4X owners a year of complimentary charging at EVgo stations, which has been extended through December 31, 2024. Lastly, the bZ4X's New Vehicle Limited Warranty will be extended based on the amount of time the vehicles will have to sit idly by during the recall. 

If none of these options sounds good, Toyota is also offering a buyback program. In this case, the automaker will repurchase your bZ4X, though how much you'll get depends on what state you live in and "particular circumstances." Either way, bZ4X specialists will be reaching out to owners shortly to discuss the options. For owners that aren't interested in waiting, they can reach out to Toyota. 

We have to say, Toyota is really going above and beyond to try and make up for the recall. Owners have a lot of great remedies to choose from. We're surprised to see Toyota offer to buy back bZ4Xs, but with so few options out there, it represents a small gesture for Toyota. Buyers, though, are in a tough sport, as a lot paid over MSRP for their EV and with the chip shortage, can't get their hands on a replacement quickly. 

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