Ford Reportedly Dropping 2024 Mustang Hybrid

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【Summary】While reports indicated that the new generation of the Ford Mustang would arrive with a hybrid model, it looks like the automaker has ditched the idea and will come out with an all-electric Mustang lineup down the road instead.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Sep 27, 2022 7:30 AM PT
Ford Reportedly Dropping 2024 Mustang Hybrid

It's an exciting time when Ford comes out with a new Mustang. The automaker is gearing up to come out with an all-new generation of its iconic sports car, which is code-named S650, for the 2024 model year. Reports indicated that Ford would come out with a hybrid model of the sports car, but it looks like that isn't happening. Instead, Ford will focus on coming out with an all-electric model. 

Hybrid's No Longer In The Cards

According to Autoweek, which cites AutoForeCast Solutions, Ford is no longer looking into coming out with a hybrid version of the Mustang. Apparently, production of the last internal combustion Mustangs will begin in March 2023 as a 2024 model. With Ford classifying the Mustang Mach-E as a Mustang, it offsets carbon emissions for the internal combustion engine version. So, Ford doesn't need to come out with a hybrid. At least, not at the moment. 

With the dramatic pace of electrification, Ford is looking to focus on coming out with an all-electric Mustang instead. As Autoweek reports, the all-electric Mustang – and no, not the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, but a real Mustang sports car – should arrive as a 2029 model. That 2029 model will act as the replacement for all Mustangs with an internal combustion engine. 

As of right now, there's not a lot of information to go off of for the 2029 electric Mustang. But the outlet claims that the electric sports car will be based on the same platform as the Mustang Mach-E. Unlike the Mach-E that's assembled at Ford's plant in Mexico, the current Mustang is built in Flat Rock, Michigan. 

SUV And Sports Car Will Share Components

This will reportedly be the last factory to build Ford's internal combustion engine models before moving to build battery-powered electric vehicles. An unnamed source told the outlet that Ford doesn't have enough capacity to build both Mustangs at the Flat Rock factory, but it could be where it builds high-performance variants of the all-electric Mustang. 

Since Ford will not be developing dedicated EV platforms for its electric cars, using the Mach-E's platform and architecture will provide the automaker with a good base. Additionally, the all-electric Mach-E is a sprightly EV that's more popular than the two-door Mustang and we're sure Ford would make the necessary changes to make the electric sports car even more performance-oriented than the SUV. 

Ford's switch to go from making a Mustang Hybrid directly to an all-electric Mustang makes plenty of sense. The automotive industry is quickly barreling toward an all-electric future and spending crucial funds to sell a hybrid a few years before switching gears to move to an all-electric vehicle could be a waste of funds.  

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