Acura Prevision EV Concept Previews Brand's Electric Future

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【Summary】With Acura’s first all-electric vehicle expected to arrive in 2024, the luxury brand is ready to provide a preview of what its upcoming EVs may look like.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Dec 30, 2022 8:00 AM PT
Acura Prevision EV Concept Previews Brand's Electric Future

In 2016, Acura came out with the Precision Concept. The gorgeous, red, four-door sedan was being used as a way to preview the automaker's design language for its future vehicles. Roughly seven years later, it's clear that Acura stuck to the Precision Concept's look closely for all of its current vehicles. With Acura set to move to an all-electric future, the automaker is ready to share the design language for its future EVs with the new Precision EV Concept. 

Roadmap For Future EVs

When the Precision Concept debuted in 2016, it was a radical vehicle, even for a concept. The new Precision EV Concept isn't as radical, but is more of an evolution on Acura's current design language. So, Acura fans will find that the new concept has plenty of touches that are found on modern vehicles from the brand. Based on how influential the 2016 Precision Concept was, it's safe to assume that the new Precision EV Concept will be equally as important for the automaker's future. 

The front end of the Precision EV Concept highlights how Acura's most recent concept previews an evolution of the brand's current look. The concept features a triangular front end with a sharp nose. The sharp, triangular grille at the front sits in the middle of two razor-thin headlights, while Acura's new "particle glitch" lights are located at the bottom of the fascia. Together, the grille, particle glitch lights, and headlights combine to put on an impressive light show when you approach the concept. 

From the side, the Precision EV Concept looks to split the difference between Acura's compact RDX and midsize MDX. The silhouette also reveals a sportier design than most SUVs with a floating roof design thanks to a black roof, blacked-out pillars, and super dark windows. The bottom of the SUV has a contrasting look to the black roof thanks to chrome-like side sills. 

At the back, the concept has an angular rear end, triangular taillights, and a rear bumper with sharp design elements. The rear end looks nearly identical to the midsize MDX that's currently on sale, though it's a bit sharper. Massive 23-inch wheels and orange braker calipers round out the Prevision EV Concept's sporty design. 

Still Very Much A Concept

The interior of the Prevision EV Concept is still very much in concept form, as the cabin isn't really finished. But the main thing to see is Acura's new "dual-experience" philosophy that includes two themes: "instinctive drive" and "spiritual lounge." The former refers to sportier elements, like the yoke-style steering wheel, digital instrument cluster, and red interior lightning. The latter speaks to the SUV's ability to help passengers relax with reclining seats, sooth scents, and fold-away controls, like the pedals and steering wheel.

While there's a lot in the cabin that we don't expect to see with a production vehicle, Acura has fitted the concept with recyclable materials, which is something a lot of current EVs incorporate into their designs. 

Acura's upcoming EV is expected to be based on the upcoming Honda Prologue. That vehicle will be built in partnership with General Motors and use the American automaker's platforms, batteries, and architectures. Acura has plans to build its own EVs following the launch of its first EV in 2024. 

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