2024 Ford Puma EV: Extended Range and Affordable Price

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【Summary】Ford is set to release the 2024 Puma EV in Europe with a starting price of €36,000 and a driving range of around 400 kilometers. The electric crossover will be part of Ford's transition to an all-electric lineup in Europe, joining its combustion-engined counterparts. The Puma EV will be based on the Global B-car vehicle architecture and is expected to be a strong contender in the competitive B-segment crossover market.

FutureCar Staff    Aug 14, 2023 11:15 PM PT
2024 Ford Puma EV: Extended Range and Affordable Price

Ford of Europe is facing challenges in market share and profitability, but the company has a plan to transition to an all-electric lineup in the European Union and the United Kingdom. The Puma subcompact crossover, manufactured in Romania, is a crucial part of this transition.

The Puma was introduced in 2019 and is named after a small coupe produced in the late 90s and early 2000s. It replaces the Fiesta in Ford's European lineup and offers a range of turbocharged engines. The Puma is currently only available with front-wheel drive, but an electric version is expected to join the lineup in 2024.

According to Auto Bild, a German motoring publication, the Puma EV is estimated to have a starting price of 36,000 euros, which is equivalent to $39,300 dollars. While this may seem expensive, it is in line with other B-segment crossovers in the market.

The Puma EV is expected to have a driving range of around 400 kilometers, according to the WLTP combined estimate. This makes it a competitive option in the growing electric vehicle segment. Production of the Puma EV will take place alongside the combustion-engined versions of the vehicle.

The Puma EV is based on the Global B-car vehicle architecture, which is also used for the Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier vans. These vans offer a range of engine options, including a 136-ps electric drive unit. The E-Tourneo Courier, a five-seater van with electric capabilities, was launched in May 2023.

Ford has confirmed that the Puma EV will be available by 2024. It is expected to feature a one-pedal driving mode, similar to other electric models from Ford. However, the battery capacity and WLTP combined range of the Puma EV have not yet been confirmed by the company.

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