This Car Charger is More Intelligent Than Some Cars on the Road Today

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【Summary】This article weighs in on the features of the smart charger. By the end of this post, you’ll know if this unit is worth the extra $$$.

Michael Cheng    Feb 08, 2017 7:10 AM PT
This Car Charger is More Intelligent Than Some Cars on the Road Today

Like smartphone cases and laptop cables, 12-volt car chargers are extremely common and cheap. Some models that offer basic compatibility and functionality go for as low as $10. There's almost no reason to spend more than that for something that doesn't offer any connected features – until now.

The Zus Smart Car Charger is the latest must-have accessory for tech-savvy drivers. Boasting a German-engineered design, this unit comes with Bluetooth support and mobile app integration for real-time monitoring. With a hefty price tag of $30, it's also up to three times more expensive than other portable chargers available in the market today.

This article weighs in on the features of the smart charger. By the end of this post, you'll know if this unit is worth the extra $$$.

Powerful, Compact, Sturdy

The first thing you'll notice about the Zus Smart Charger is its blazing fast charging speeds. During operation, the small device can revive two iPhones to full capacity in just two hours. That's a huge perk, considering most vehicle chargers are known for painstakingly slow charging speeds. In some cases, low-quality variants can't keep up with all the apps open when the phone is in use and will only maintain power without actually charging the device!

Interestingly, the company decided to go with a T-frame design for the unit. This is great for cars with 12-volt ports located in the center island of the vehicle. But for 12-volt ports situated on the side of the center panel or hidden inside the center compartment, this could be an issue. To make up for this, Zus developers went with reversible ports for seamless connections.

"The charger also includes what Nonda refers to as ‘ElegantShine' lighting (they've even trademarked ‘ElegantShine'). Basically, both ports light up, and there are three small LED lights on top as well," explained Rob Huddleston from Geek Dad.

Smarter Than Your Average Charger

As mentioned earlier, the Zus Smart Charger supports new connected features that aren't typically associated with traditional car chargers. For example, after parking, the charger remembers your exact location and saves it in the app. To find your car in the parking lot, all you have to do is open the app and the Car Finder option will guide you directly to your vehicle. Using Car Battery Health Monitor, individuals can check on their power consumption and charging performance (this is probably the most useful feature in the app).

Lastly, the unit is reinforced with military-grade components and a sleek exterior shell. This allows it to withstand high temperatures often associated with charging gadgets for long periods of time. The metal tip and prongs are titanium coated, which provides a secure connection when in use.

"There's also a Family Share feature so loved ones can find their way back, but it's a bit redundant with Find My Friends. Pairing with the free mobile app was a snap, although you will need to create an account or log in with Facebook before doing so," said JR Bookwalter from Macworld.

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