Baidu Claims Hackers Attempted to Steal Autonomous Car Secrets

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【Summary】Chinese technology giant, Baidu, claims that a group of “hackers-for-hire” attempted to seat the company’s self-driving car secrets. Baidu is now looking to strengthen its cybersecurity system.

Vineeth Joel Patel    Mar 30, 2017 9:10 AM PT
Baidu Claims Hackers Attempted to Steal Autonomous Car Secrets

Hacking is one of the major cybersecurity fears with autonomous cars. Last year researchers from Norwegian security company Promon hacked into a Tesla. Because of hackers, software developers have had to increase their cybersecurity measures to ensure that driverless vehicles will be able to keep hackers at bay. Lawmakers in Michigan have also stepped in by passing bills that specifically target hackers looking to commandeer an autonomous car. 

Protect Tech And Companies

While developers are hard at work on making cars more difficult to access by hackers, it looks like companies that are working on making self-driving will need to buff their cybersecurity measures, as well. 

Baidu, a Chinese technology company that is based out of Beijing, revealed that a gang of "hackers-for-hire" attempted to steal its self-driving car technology, reports Bloomberg. The company is now looking to increase its cybersecurity team. 

According to the report, Ma Jie, Baidu's head of cybersecurity, stated that it was unclear who was behind the gang. "It's very difficult to know who employs them to do that, but we know someone tried to hire someone in the underground market to steal form us," said Ma. Ma didn't go provide any further details on the attack or if the hackers managed to get away with any of the company's secrets. 

To help curtail the risk of hackers attacking Baidu's self-driving secrets in the future, the company's cybersecurity team is now supporting Blue Lotus, which, as Bloomberg reports, is a team of "white hat" student hackers from Tsinghua University. The technology company hasn't stopped there, though, and has also partnered with Tencent and Alibaba, two of Baidu's rival technology firms, to stop other attacks like this from happening. 

Can Partnerships Stop Hackers?

"The underground industry is getting bigger, and getting stronger so we must help each other against the whole underground industry," stated Ma. "We're not enemies, they are the enemy." 

As Business Insider reports, Baidu has been testing its self-driving vehicles since 2015. The technology company began public tests of its vehicles with a modified BMW 3-Series. The test saw the fully autonomous vehicle complete an 18.3-mile journey on its own. Last year, the technology company started a pilot program for its self-driving vehicle where it began testing in Wuzhen, China

The Chinese technology company is also planning, as Business Insider reports, to develop a small quantity of self-driving cars to be used in a shuttle service by 2018. Baidu also has plans to make vehicles on a larger scale by 2021, as well. These might sound like large, ambitious plans, but Baidu has a massive partner with Nvidia, who is helping the Chinese tech company build artificial intelligence for self-driving vehicles. 

The partnership between the two companies, though, isn't for the illustrious fully autonomous, Level 5 car, but for a Level 3 vehicle that will need an alert driver behind the wheel at all times. 

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