Delphi Enters New Partnerships Aimed at Becoming Major Data Collector

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【Summary】Automotive parts manufacturing company, Delphi, is looking to expand its role in the automotive segment with new partnerships that would help the company become a leader in data collection.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 20, 2017 12:30 PM PT
Delphi Enters New Partnerships Aimed at Becoming Major Data Collector

Automotive suppliers and manufacturing companies are looking to expand their roles in the ever-changing landscape of the industry. As automakers and companies move towards roles that see them entering modern partnerships with automotive suppliers and data companies, manufacturing companies are looking for ways to expand, as well. 

Delphi Corners A Side Of The Market

Delphi Automotive PLC, as the Detroit News reports, recently entered into three new partnerships that would see the company become a leader in data collection from autonomous and connected vehicles. 

As the report indicates, the next major step in the world of self-driving and connected vehicles is companies moving towards collecting data on cars. Research firm McKinsey & Co. estimated that "the global revenue pool from car data monetization could be as high as $750 billion by 2030," last year claims Detroit News. That, obviously, would make data collection a lucrative business. 

Delphi, an automotive parts manufacturing company that also dabbles in self-driving systems, sees the benefits of being ahead of the pack when it comes to collecting data and has entered into new collaborations with three different companies to help it reach its goal. 

The first company that Delphi has agreed to work with is Valens, an Israeli-based company that specializes in high-speed semi-conductors, reports the Detroit News. The technology is also known as "chip-to-chip" tech, which as the report points outs, is capable of connectivity speeds that are six times faster than the industry's current standard. 

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. is the second company that Delphi is beginning to work with. The German-based company focuses on Ethernet connectors and data transmission, reports the outlet. 

Lastly, Otonomo, another Israeli-based company that focuses on developing marketplaces for automakers that are interested in collecting data, has also teamed with Delphi. 

"Increasing vehicle complexity is driving demand for more data connectivity, active safety and greater vehicle automation," Delphi stated in a press release. "This in turn, is driving a requirement for best-in-class signal and power distribution capabilities, along with a robust data management strategy." 

The purpose of joining forces with three major players, as the Detroit News puts it, is to obtain the information that vehicles collect, decode it, and put it in a format that can be sold to automakers or companies. Delphi believes that automobile owners can use this type of data sharing to open up a whole new world of personalized services. 

Previous Partnerships Show Promise

Delphi entered two other major partnerships last year with the hopes of coming out with a driverless system by 2019. The first collaboration saw Delphi team with Mobileye, another leading automotive parts supplier last August. The second partnership that occurred last year was between Delphi and Intel Corp. The partnerships have already shown promise as the companies revealed Audi SQ5 models with their system at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. 

With the rest of the automotive industry focusing on developing autonomous technology, companies that begin to focus on the other facets of the move towards a self-driving future, like Delphi, will be able to corner a section of the market. 

via: Detroit News

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