BMW E46 M3 Touring Conversion Listed for $60k

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【Summary】A custom-built BMW E46 M3 Touring conversion is available for sale in Germany. The model combines genuine M3 parts with a wagon body and aftermarket performance modifications. It features a 567 horsepower engine, adjustable coilovers, upgraded brakes, and a unique exterior design. The car is road-approved and listed for €56,000 ($60,524), making it a more affordable option compared to the upcoming BMW G81 M3 Touring.

FutureCar Staff    Aug 29, 2023 6:21 AM PT
BMW E46 M3 Touring Conversion Listed for $60k

The E46 M3 was never available with a wagon bodystyle from the factory, but one of the few known conversions is currently offered for sale.

Fans of the one-off BMW E46 M3 Touring Concept from 2000 will be happy to learn that a new custom build inspired by it is available for sale in Germany. The tuned model marries genuine M3 parts with a wagon body, adding a series of aftermarket performance modifications into the mix.

The model started life as a 2000 320i Touring which got completely rebuilt using parts from a 2002 M3 E46 Coupe. As such, the exterior benefits from the genuine M bodykit, including the sporty bumpers, wide fenders with side gills, bulged hood, and side skirts.

However, to the possible disapproval of purists, the owner opted for aftermarket bits like the splitter and diffuser with a carbon fiber finish, the quad exhaust pipes, and the black 19-inch Japan Racing JR21 wheels. Inside, we find M3-branded seats, gearknob, and steering wheel, combined with the practicality of the wagon bodystyle.

Performance modifications are also quite extensive, going beyond the engine transplant of the M3's 3.2-liter straight-six. The naturally-aspirated unit received a compressor kit and other upgrades, resulting in an output of 567 hp (423 kW / 575 PS) which is far more than the 338 hp (252 kW / 343 PS) of the stock E46 M3.

A set of adjustable coilovers by Supersport bring a noticeable drop in the ride height, with the stretched tires completely filling up the wheel arches. Stopping power has also been upgraded thanks to a K-sport brake kit with larger discs measuring 380 mm (15 inches) at the front and 356 mm (14 inches) at the rear.

According to the listing on Suchen Mobile, the tuned M3 was well-maintained and looked after, and currently "drives perfectly smooth". Furthermore, the custom build has been approved for road use in Europe, with the major modifications being listed on its papers.

The asking price of €56,000 ($60,524) sounds quite excessive for a 20-year-old 3-Series, despite the uniqueness of the build and the extent of the styling and mechanical upgrades. Still, it is probably the cheapest M3 wagon money can buy at the moment since a brand-new BMW G81 M3 Touring will cost you at least €101,300 ($109,447) in Germany.

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