Tesla to Build 1,000 New Supercharger Stations in California

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【Summary】Tesla said it will be doubling the Tesla charging network, expanding existing sites so drivers never wait to charge, and increasing its charging locations within city centers, including 1,000 more in California alone.

Original Eric Walz    May 31, 2017 6:09 PM PT
Tesla to Build 1,000 New Supercharger Stations in California

By Eric Walz

Tesla Motors announced its new Supercharger plans on the company's blog on April 24th (PDT), as Tesla readies for additional charging demand with the anticipated release of the Model 3 later this year. Demand for Tesla's charging network has been steadily increasing as its sales grow.

Recently, some Model S and Model X owners have complained to the company of prolonged wait times at the some of Tesla's busiest Supercharger stations, including some in California where Tesla is headquartered. Tesla previously addressed this issue.

In order to help eliminate the wait times and to discourage owners from occupying the charging stations for a longer period of time than needed, the company resorted to adding usage fees and "parking meter" type penalties. For example, Tesla owners were charged for having their vehicles still connected to the charger after the vehicle's batteries were already fully charged.

Despite the small fees for charging, Tesla anticipates an increased demand on their charging stations throughout the world as the much awaited Model 3 production begins and the sales of its other vehicles continues to increase. Tesla has the ambitious goal of having 500,000 of its vehicles on the road by the end of next year.

"In 2017, we'll be doubling the Tesla charging network, expanding existing sites so drivers never wait to charge, and broadening our charging locations within city centers," the company wrote in a blog post.


Tesla's current and proposed North America Supercharger Stations  Click for a larger, searchable map

The State of California alone will receive more than 1,000 new Supercharger sites this year

"In North America, we'll increase the number of Superchargers by 150 percent, and in California alone we'll add more than 1,000 Superchargers. We're moving full speed on site selection." Tesla added.

Tesla announced it will build larger sites along the busiest travel routes, such as California's 101 Freeway, that will accommodate several dozen Tesla's Supercharging simultaneously. In addition, many sites will be built further off the highway to allow local Tesla drivers to charge quickly when needed, with the goal of making charging omnipresent in most urban areas, where an increase in charging demand is anticipated as the Model 3 becomes available.

What is a Tesla Supercharger?

Tesla's Superchargers are specially designed, high-output charging stations that charge a Tesla vehicle in minutes instead of hours. For example, a Tesla Supercharger can charge a vehicle to 80% charge in 40 minutes, and to 100% charge in 75 minutes. Comparatively, Tesla's standard 48 amp at home charging cables take about 4-8 hours, although Tesla does offer an optional higher amp charger for quicker charges. However, Tesla's Supercharger stations charge vehicles much faster, and are convenient for those drivers who want to take longer trips.

Tesla's Supercharger stations are strategically well placed to minimize stops during long distance trips and are conveniently located near restaurants, shopping centers, and WiFi hot spots. Each station contains multiple Superchargers and are designed to get Tesla owners get back on the road quickly.

Tesla's Current Network

The current Tesla network currently includes over 5,400 high output Superchargers and more than 9,000 smaller 'Destination Charging' systems, which are the common charging connections at restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. According to Tesla, nearly 5,000 more Supercharger stations will be built this year around the globe, along with 6,000 more Destination sites.

Previously, Tesla encouraged owners to only use the Superchargers for long distance trips. However, many of the proposed Supercharger sites will be built further away from highways.

"As Tesla prepares for our first mass-market vehicle and continues to increase our Model S and Model X fleet, we're making charging an even greater priority. It is extremely important to us and our mission that charging is convenient, abundant, and reliable for all owners, current and future." "In 2017, we'll be doubling the Tesla charging network, expanding existing sites so drivers never wait to charge" Tesla added.

Since 2012, Tesla has built over 5,400 Superchargers. Tesla also made available more than 9,000 Destination Charging connectors by partnering with hotels, resorts, and restaurants. These Destination Connectors are the same as Tesla's Wall Connectors, so that Tesla owners have access to the same, familiar, easy to use connector as the one they have at home.

"Tesla will continue to lead the industry with the fastest, most advanced charging technology in the world and continue to build the only cars capable of leveraging that power. The ongoing expansion of the networks will ensure that Tesla drivers are able to quickly and easily charge their vehicles no matter what, and that a seamless charging experience remains our priority" Tesla wrote on their blog. Many of the new sites are scheduled to begin construction ahead of the typically busy summer travel season.

resource from: Tesla Motors

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