New Drivers Aren't Fans of Driverless Cars or EVs

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【Summary】The new generation of drivers, according to a survey from Driving-Tests, aren’t into autonomous vehicles or electric cars.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    Apr 28, 2017 11:30 AM PT
New Drivers Aren't Fans of Driverless Cars or EVs

Automakers and companies have poured millions of dollars into coming out with self-driving cars and electric vehicles for the next generation of drivers. Millennials, which are also known as Generation Y, were born right behind Generation X. The substantial difference between the two supposedly boils down to one's reliance on technology. Individuals from Generation Y grew up, and continue to grow, with modern technology at their fingertips and use it consistently, so one would assume that they would love the changes that are occurring in the industry. 

Electric vehicles and autonomous cars, which are essentially computers with wheels, are some of the most high-tech automobiles ever made. Unlike vehicles that previous generations of drivers purchased, today's vehicles are smarter than ever and rely more heavily on computers to operate. With that in mind, it's easy to see how automakers and companies believe that EVs and self-driving cars will appeal to younger drivers. 

No One Likes Driverless Cars Or EVs

According to a new survey from Driving-Tests, as reported by TechCrunch, that might not be the case. Elderly drivers still aren't huge fans of driverless vehicles or electric cars, which shouldn't come as a large surprise as there's a large learning curve when it comes to using self-driving tech and EVs have a limited amount of range. But the survey surprisingly found that children and young drivers weren't interested in them either. 

As TechCrunch reports, Driving-Tests surveyed 158,000 visitors to its site earlier this month and asked them four questions about self-driving cars, EVs, and companies that occupy the aforementioned segments. The visitors that the website surveyed ranged from 13 years old to 35, comprising millennials from both Generation Y and X. 

The findings, as stated earlier, were surprising. The first question, which asked visitors if they would pick an EV over a comparably priced gas-powered vehicle resulted with the majority – 70 percent – responding with a no, reports TechCrunch. The site then inquired as to whether visitors would be very or extremely concerned about riding in an autonomous vehicle. Thirty percent of those questioned agreed with the statement. Individuals that were a part of the survey also claimed that they were unsure if the benefits of driverless cars outweighed the risks and costs of making the tech, reports the outlet. 

Tesla And Toyota Lead The Way

While those findings are quite bleak, Driving-Tests' survey did find which EV visitors believe would make the most EVs and autonomous vehicles in the next 10 years. Tesla was extremely popular with the younger crowd, while older drivers shifted towards Toyota as the answer to the question. The few respondents that stated that they would purchase an electric vehicle over an equally-priced gasoline car stated that Tesla was the automaker to watch, claims TechCrunch

Driving-Trends, for those not familiar with the website, is a site that allows soon-to-be drivers study for their behind-the-wheel exam online. The website began collecting answers to its survey after Tesla's stock overtook Ford's, claims TechCrunch. The website also took the time to acknowledge that other polls have found a higher percentage of millennials to be interested in electric cars, which could be due to the fact that Driving-Trends draws a more cautious driver in. 

Either way, with every automaker and company chasing autonomous cars, and now electric vehicles, as well, this survey reveals that the decision to go down the technology-based may not have been the correct one. 

via: TechCrunch/Photo by: Siemens

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