Uber Doubles Down on Flying Taxis, Announces New Partnerships

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【Summary】At a three-day conference in Dallas, Texas, Uber announced new partnerships with various cities and companies that would help the ride-hailing company bring its flying taxi to life.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 02, 2017 11:30 AM PT
Uber Doubles Down on Flying Taxis, Announces New Partnerships

Uber has always been open about its plans to come out with flying taxis. Last year, the ride-sharing company released its plans for Uber Elevate, a new division that the company hopes it will use to offer its users with rides through the air. The forward-looking idea is to help decrease road congestion, which has drastically increased in major cities. 

Last month, Uber revealed some more details behind at its Uber Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas. The Summit, as Uber pointed out, was supposed to offer a vast amount of information behind its Elevate Mission, which it's using to identify and fast-track opportunities to get its flying program off the ground, literally. 

Get Ready, Flying Taxis Are Actually Coming

Now that the Elevate conference in Texas is over, the company has released the fruits of its labors, which include new partnerships with aviation manufacturers, cities, electric charging companies, and real estate business, reports The Verge. The conference revealed that Uber is getting closer to making its dream, and the idea of flying cars, a reality. 

As the outlet reports, Uber claims that it will be partnering with governments in Fort Worth, Dallas and Dubai, which will be the first cities to receive the company's flying taxis. The Verge also points out that Uber is teaming with Hilwood Properties in the Dallas and Fort Worth area to help the ride-sharing company recognize proper sites for takeoff and landing pads. These pads are referred to as "vertiports" by Uber, claims The Verge

According to the report, Uber is always in the process of signing contracts with five aircraft manufacturers, which will be used to help the companies create a design of a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. The VTOL, as The Verge points out will be lightweight and run off of electricity. When it comes to powering their flying machine, Uber has partnered with an electric charging company, ChargePoint, which is in charge of engineering charging stations for the company's VTOLs, reports The Verge

Uber Gets Back On Track

Understandably, some thought that Uber was out of its mind for thinking that it could actually come out with VTOLs as a means for transportation. But these new partnerships prove that Uber is well on its way to brining flying machines to life. As The Verge points out, Uber is working on publicly demonstrating its flying taxis in 2020. That date may have seemed farfetched before, but with all of the recent activity reveals that Uber is well on its way and is on the right path. 

The last question, as The Verge claims is: "Who will actually use flying machines to get around?" While that's still a mystery, Bell Helicopters, a major manufacturer of vertical takeoff vehicles for both commercial and military use, announced that it would be working with Uber to make flying taxis real. 

"We're very excited to be collaborating with them," Mitch Snyder, CEO of Bell Helicopter, told The Verge. With all of the negative hoopla that Uber has been wrapped in recently, focusing on the future is the company's best plan to succeed.  

via: The Verge

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