Croatian Auto Manufacturer Rimac Sets Goals to Become EV Supplier

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【Summary】Electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac sets its sights on become one of the largest suppliers of electric vehicle components.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 06, 2017 8:30 AM PT
Croatian Auto Manufacturer Rimac Sets Goals to Become EV Supplier

Rimac Automobili, a Croatian electric-vehicle automotive manufacturer came out of thin air with an incredible hypercar. The Concept One has been a labor of love, which has taken the company five years to make. The vehicle features four electric motors and four gearboxes, located directly at the center of each axle, for a combined output of 1,224 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft of torque.

For those not keeping track of modern hypercars, that's more than the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, and Porsche 918 Spyder. The Concept One is also more exclusive than the other hypercars, with only eight models being built in total. While the Concept One shows a lot of promise as an electric vehicle, Rimac isn't content with having one of the quickest and most powerful electric vehicles on the road, as the automaker now wants to become a supplier of electric-vehicle components. 

From Automaker To Supplier

According to a report by Road and Track, Rimac looks to become one of the largest EV-component suppliers by setting up a joint venture in China. Rimac, along with its sister company Greyp – a company that produces electric bicycles – does the majority of its work and component-development in house, claims the outlet. Mate Rimac, the brilliant mind behind Rimac Automobili, puts an emphasis on doing everything from the inside, which includes starting with the design process to production. 

Total Croatia News, reports that Camel Group, a large Chinese group, had plans to invest approximately $33 million into the production of electric cars and bicycles in Croatia. The outlet claims that Mate Rimac signed an agreement last month that would see approximately $29 million going into Rimac Automobili and the rest, roughly $4 million go towards Greyp.

An Uphill Battle That Could Pay Off

Going head-to-head against major supply giants like Bosch, which has recently entered into a partnership to make driverless vehicles, Denso, Continental, and Magna, as Road and Track points out, won't be easy for Rimac. The EV company, though, believes its more flexible than the competition. Rimac also believes that its EV technology, which is superior to anything else that's on the road today, will be more competitive on the global market. 

The move to become a supplier makes sense, as Rimac's technology that's in the Concept One is miles ahead of what any other traditional automaker has come out with recently. 

Camel Group, according to Total Croatia News, is referred to as a "high-tech company, focused on research, development and production of electric vehicles, battery systems, integration in vehicles, and infotainment systems." The company, as the outlet claims, is one of the main manufacturers of electric batteries and battery assemblies in China. China's strict crackdown on pollution has seen it become a hub for electric vehicles recently

If Rimac Automobili were to become a supplier, it would help the company's name become more mainstream and help electric vehicles wage war against traditional gasoline-powered machines. Because hey, who wouldn't like having the performance of a hypercar in a fuel-efficient, earth-friendly car?  

via: Road and Track/Total Croatia News

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