Automotive Supplier Roush Enters EV and Driverless-Car Segment With New Center

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【Summary】Roush, an automotive supplier known for making high-performance vehicles, has shifted a part of its focus by opening an engineering center for electric vehicles and self-driving cars.

Original Vineeth Joel Patel    May 17, 2017 4:10 PM PT
Automotive Supplier Roush Enters EV and Driverless-Car Segment With New Center

Roush Industries, an American automotive company that specializes in engineering, developing, and manufacturing high-performance cars, is spreading its focus into other segments of the automotive industry. Besides taking cars and turning them into extremely powerful monsters, Roush also works in the aerospace, defense, entertainment, oil and gas, and transportation industries. 

Even High-Performance Companies Are Going Towards EVS

With the various industries that Roush Industries is a part of, it shouldn't come a secret to hear that the American company is expanding into another hot segment in the automotive industry. According to a report by Automotive News, Roush Industries is now looking to get into electric vehicles and autonomous cars. 

As the outlet reports, Roush Industries has opened a new engineering center in Detroit that will focus on all of the latest trends in the industry, EVs and driverless cars. The 44,000-square-foot facility began operating last month, as Gary Rogers, vice president of advanced engineering for Roush, will focus on engineering hybrids and EVs. Rogers also states that the building will concentrate on driverless-car testing, data analytics, as well as the software that goes into the vehicles. 

Rogers, who is overseeing what the facility does, claimed the new building would help Roush Industries expand its employee-base. According to the report, the new center will create approximately 150 jobs, which will mostly be in the engineering and data science fields. 

According to Rogers, approximately 20 of the 150 positions have been filled, and Roush Industries looks to expand its operations at the new facility with more technical support and scientists, reports Automotive News

The new building, which is located in Troy, Mich. will also help the company get closer to its customer base. Automotive News reports that General Motors and the U.S. Army's Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center and located closely to Roush Industries' new facility. 

Various Companies Look Towards Michigan

Roush Industries isn't the only company looking to open a new facility in Michigan. Earlier this month, Toyota expanded its North American R&D center with a $154 million expansion in Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Other automotive suppliers have also set up shop in Michigan, as well. Earlier this year, Denso, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, announced its plans to open a research and development lab at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Mich. According to Denso, the new R&D lab would be used "to accelerate development of new auto safety technologies and create new research opportunities for engineering students." 

With Roush Industries entering the fray, Michigan is quickly becoming the center for automakers and companies alike to set up a location to research, develop, and manufacture various components for the new movements in the automotive segment. 

via: Automotive News

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