AI dash alert network app

The Nexar app employs machine vision and sensor fusion algorithms, leveraging smartphone sensors to analyze and understand the car’s surrounding and provide unique documentation in case of a crash. The depth of Nexar’s on-device analysis allows it to create a collision reconstruction report that completely transforms the insurance claims process. It adds a video of the crash to the claim, alongside a detailed reconstruction based on the phone’s sensor readings. The app is a real-time network connecting cars nearby. Using this vehicle-to-vehicle network (V2V network), Nexar can warn its users in real-time of dangerous situations happening beyond each individual driver’s line of sight, such as issuing a forward collision warning, effectively giving drivers more time to react.

Nexar is a startup that was founded by a group of ex-Yahoo! employees in 2015. The company is developing an AI-powered network using dashcams that record a driver's actions.

Leveraging millions of crowd sourced road miles with sensor-fusion, deep-learning, map-layering and AI driving-cognition technologies, Nexar provides a series of data products and services for automotive, insurance and mapping industries.
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Management team

Eran Shir

Founder and CEO

Eran Shir is Founder and CEO of the startup. He is an angel investor, Internet entrepreneur and executive leader. Shir is running the Creative Innovation Center at Yahoo!, where he is responsible for Yahoo!'s ad creative technologies strategy and portfolio, as well as the development of its next-generation ad creative platforms. He joined Yahoo! in Oct. 2010 when Yahoo! acquired Dapper, a dynamic ads and semantic web startup he co-founded in 2007.